MSNBC Brings Live Streaming Content to its Updated News App

Watching live shows from MSNBC just got very easy for Smartphone users. You just need the television channel’s new app. Unfortunately, updating to the new app will now require credentials from your cable provider to access MSNBC live.

The progressive TV channel’s updated app and new website is part of a web re-design and branding that removes MSNBC’s web content  from NBC News. Both the app and website has live streaming options, exclusive behind the scene content, news blogs, as well as full episodes of shows like The Rachel Maddow Show, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton. News junkies can create a personalized watch list of their favorites shows to watch at their own convenience.

MSNBC’s president told the Huffington Post that being web and mobile friendly was necessary to being relevant, adding that many viewers under 30 do not watch MSNBC live. Unfortunately for MSNBC, those under 30 don’t often have cable.

Here’s just one example of a disgruntled cable-less app user::

The end of an era by longstinger

As someone with no cable, but with an internet connection, I have loved the prior versions of this app. It had been a part of my breakfast ritual, watching TRMS from the night before. With this update, I’m now required to login with credentials I cannot obtain – just to do something that I can do (albeit less elegantly) in a web browser. So now I’m left wondering: is this a bug they will fix, restoring the functionality I had before, or will they stop streaming over the web at some point too?

The app will need to reevaluate its cable sign-in policy to gain new, younger viewership on mobile.

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