MSN Q2 Ad Revenue Plummets


Yesterday was a fun day for several tech stocks, apparently. As Silicon Alley Insider reports, MSN’s ad revenue nosedived for the second quarter, which can’t be good news for Yahoo. “Organic year-over-year ad revenue growth decelerated from 26% in Q1 to 8% in Q2, which is also known as hitting a wall. Surely Microsoft’s discombobulation has something to do with it, but we’d be shocked if there weren’t some market weakness in there as well.”

MSN still has an identity crisis. It’s been around almost as long as Yahoo (which entered the scene way back in 1994), but after a series of bizarre Windows-Live-related maneuvers, we’re not exactly sure where MSN ends and Windows Live begins these days. Cell phones still come with plenty of both MSN and Windows Live icons, which confuse matters further. The services themselves are good, and they have over 550 million users—so obviously they’re doing something right. But their future is as nebulous as ever.