Mozilla Releases Update To Fennec

Mozilla is developing a version of Firefox for Android and the Nokia N900 known as Fennec. My initial reaction to the news blogged by jkOnTheRun is, does Android need another browser? I personally think the Android browser is pretty good in terms of performance and functionality. I have Opera Mini on my Nexus One for two reasons. One is that it supports being on the storage card so it isn’t taking up my phone’s precious internal storage, and the other is to use it for testing web sites. As I read further into the article, one feature jumped out at me as being appealing enough to tempt me to switch to Fennec when it is finished, Firefox sync.

Firefox sync supports the synchronization of bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history between mobile phones and the desktop web browser. It provides a built-in way to transfer information that you have in a web browser between the phone and desktop. Imagine that you find a page on your phone that you prefer to view on a desktop computer, you can simply switch to the desktop and find that page right in the browsing history without having to push information like you have to do with Chrome To Phone.

I currently use Google Chrome as my primary desktop web browser, having switched to it from Firefox over a year ago. I made the switch because Chrome is faster than Firefox. One would think that Google would provide tighter integration between Chrome and the Android browser, but that integration non-existent. Firefox sync may be appealing enough to me to entice me to use Firefox more on the desktop, if not switch back to it entirely.