Movies, TV, Sports, Music, Angry Birds, Video Chat and a Chinese Model on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Television shows, music, games, Chinese models and video chat were among the Pages that gained the most new Likes in the past week. Some of these Pages, however, appear to have grown as a result of a Page consolidation, as they experienced the bulk of their growth — hundreds of thousands of Likes, in some cases — from one day to the next.

Pages on our list this week required 237,400 and 829,600 Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Back To the Future832,128+119+829,577
2. 隋棠 Sonia Sui 官方粉絲團741,279+358+540,442
3. Kendra611,298+580+530,187
4. Phineas y Ferb2,471,254+2,098+476,770
5. GO HABS GO459,656+26+453,957
6. Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
7. Mission: Impossible444,358+98+408,863
8. facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
9. Poison684,470+572+318,696
10. Angry Birds8,140,149+44,291+311,150
11. ChatVibes1,769,401+43,097+307,559
12. Facebook53,478,283+40,856+301,385
13. Amelie1,236,872+1,616+289,660
14. UB40 (Official)310,929+45+281,764
15. FC Barcelona20,989,306+39,175+268,611
16. Vidivodo449,262+86+268,310
17. Harry Potter35,252,637+37,055+264,201
18. Leo Messi25,449,686+36,048+249,046
19. Music28,388,613+32,299+237,895
20. Cristiano Ronaldo34,631,177+34,950+237,391

Back To the Future” grew by 829,600 Likes to 832,100; this may be due in part to a recent surge in interest in the film as the shoes featured in it were released by Nike. “Titanic” grew by 409,500 Likes to 13.4 million, “Mission: Impossible” grew by 408,900 Likes to 444,400 Likes in a seemingly huge Page consolidation, although the Page has also been promoting the upcoming installment of the series,which may have encouraged more fans to join. “Amelie” grew by 289,700 Likes to 1.2 million. Then “Harry Potter” grew by 264,200 Likes to 35.2 million, partly by heavily promoting the November release of the pack of films.

TV shows included “Kendra“, which grew by 530,200 Likes to 611,300, and “ Phineas y Ferb,” the Latin America version of the show, which grew by 476,800 Likes to 2.4 million. Both of these experienced the bulk of their growth in huge jumps. Music Pages included Poison with 318,700 Likes to 684,500 in an apparent consolidation. The UB40 (Official) Page grew by 281,800 Likes to 310,900, also a huge jump. Finally the Wikipedia Music grew by 237,900 to 28.3 million.

Sports Pages on our list were mostly football (soccer), but there was also a hockey Page. GO HABS GO is a hockey team that grew most of its 459,700 Likes, 454,000, in a huge jump last week. Then FC Barcelona grew by 268,600 Likes to 20.9 million, Leo Messi grew by 249,000 Likes to 25.4 million and finally Cristiano Ronaldo by 237,400 Likes to 34.6 million.

The rest of the list included Chinese model  隋棠 Sonia Sui 官方粉絲團, who went from 540,400 Likes to 741,300 with a big jump last week. The Facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! grew by 333,000 Likes to 445,400 (even though Page lies, as the functionality is not something that Facebook actually offers). Angry Birds grew by 311,200 Likes to 8.1 million. Video chat app ChatVibes grew by 307,600 Likes to 1.7 million. Facebook’s Page grew by 301,400 Likes to 53.4 million. Finally, another video chat app saw a huge jump, Vidivodo, with 268,300 Likes to 449,300 Likes.