RIP: Movieline

Actually, it’s not quite RIP. But if one goes by the information at the bottom of a recent Anne Thompson Indiewire blog item, it does not exactly inspire bookmarking confidence:

UPDATE: [Editor Frank] DiGiacomo writes in an email:

“Movieline is in the process of transitioning to an all-video site, probably in mid-April. The plan is for me to become PMC’s New York-based editor at large when that changeover occurs.”

In other words, just a few months after DiGiacomo’s west coast counterpart Jen Yamato parked her byline at Deadline (a development noted by Thompson and also something we have been noticing), what was once a beloved monthly LA glossy mag is getting ready to transform yet again. DiGiacomo’s update makes it seem like there will be lots of trailers and PMC YouTube embeds.

Thompson keys from her article update to further speculate what went wrong and ropes in some solid perspective from former Movieline staffer Stu VanAirsdale. “We were the red-headed step-child after that,” he tells Thompson in reference to PMC loading the Deadline deck with Fleming, Hammond and Andreeva. Read Thompson’s full take here.

Update – 04/26/13: Right on schedule, Movieline is now nothing more than a YouTube channel.