Movieline Adds Lisanti

Defamer founder Mark Lisanti joined Movieline as editor at large.

Lisanti started Defamer in 2004 and, after leaving the site in early 2008, took on several free-lancing projects, including covering this year’s Oscars for

At Movieline, he will join editors Seth Abramovitch, Kyle Buchanan and S.T. VanAirsdale.

“After months of frustrating, contentious negotiations with an A-list celebrity to acquire my Twitter feed (he saw star-vehicle potential in a tweet about my morning coffee), Movieline swept in and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: the chance to once again work with Seth Abramovitch and the very talented crew they’ve assembled,” Lisanti said in a release.

Abramovitch added, “Just the other day, I was fantasizing about what I would ask for if granted one wish, and it was bossing around Mark Lisanti. My second choice was bringing his singularly hilarious take on pop culture to Now both my wishes just came true.”

And Movieline general manager Charles Runnette chimed in, “We’re all thrilled to have Mark come on board. We’re happy that the site’s irreverent yet meticulously reported content has connected extremely quickly with a large audience who clearly weren’t finding this kind of cheeky insider take on Hollywood anywhere else. With the addition of Mark to the team, our roster of already impressive talent continues to grow. We all expect his insightful, provocative, hilarious commentary will help bring to the next level.”