Movie Trailer Releases Are Just as Big As the Movie Premiere

Oh yes yes yay and yes. The Hunger Games trailer made its debut this morning on Good Morning America and all forms of media have been buzzing like a hornet’s nest about it. The clip makes it clear that this movie is going to rock the house just as hard as the books did. But in general, the movie trailer, once that little snippet that you were happy to miss while standing in line for popcorn at the theater has now become a much-anticipated thing thanks to the Web.

Last week, we were treated to look-see at the trailer for Snow White & the Huntsman, which looks pretty kick ass too. That clip is below.

The Washington Post points out that this is one of two films based on the Snow White story coming to theaters, and this one could be getting a jump by playing off of the popularity of Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella from the Twilight series, which has its own premiere happening this week.  (It is bringing out the crazy!) And we’ve heard about a number of talked-about trailers and clips to promote other upcoming films like The Muppets and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Interestingly, these clips make news as much as anything else about the film, facilitated by an ever-thirsty Internet that is filled with entertainment outlets looking for news to report.

Of course, it helps that these movies look genuinely entertaining and are highly anticipated for one reason or another. But these trailers are not just part of the pre-movie ritual anymore. Rather, they’re being passed around and commented on, building the wave of excitement over their eventual release. Keep in mind, Hunger Games doesn’t come out until March, which is a lifetime in Internet land.