Move Along Folks, Nothing Sinister Here

The Examiner today has its second column by the Washingtonian’s national editor, Harry Jaffe; this time he digs into the fact that Skins’ coach Joe Gibbs can’t. After Jaffe’s first Examiner column on Monday, a couple of Fishbowl readers–their minds swirling with details of the administration’s recent pay-to-play scandals–asked whether Jaffe had a conflict of interest since he’d written a Washingtonian column on the newest addition to the D.C. newspaper world last month without disclosing that he was going to be writing a column for them. Sinister doings afoot indeed!

Alas, we talked with Jaffe yesterday, and he had a much more mundane explanation: He didn’t disclose a relationship with the Examiner in his January 11th column because, well, there wasn’t one. The new paper, edited by John Wilpers, didn’t approach him to write anything for it until more than a week after his “mini-scoop” announcing the paper’s launch.

Such non-scandal is almost exciting enough for the paper’s “Buzz” gossip column, which today offered this random item:

A half-dozen North Dakota state senators are scribbling details of their personal and political lives within the fish bowl. Are web logs becoming today’s version of Bob Packwood’s diaries? It’s cheaper than therapy, but won’t pols ever learn?

Remember you read it first in the Examiner: Fishbowl blogs = cheaper than therapy.