Mourning The Loss Of An Icon

newsday6261.jpgThis morning, not surprisingly, the news is flooded with coverage of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday. But there is also news about how the media has covered the King of Pop’s death, and life.

The Los Angeles Times has a report this morning on gossip outlet TMZ, which got the scoop about Jackson’s death less than half an hour after it occurred.

Across the Internet, Web sites crashed as fans around the world scrambled to find information about MJ. Even Google wasn’t immune from the flood of information-hungry mourners: the search site temporarily blocked users from searching for “Michael Jackson” after it’s computers misinterpreted the influx of searches as an attempt to crash the site.

And New York media outlets are doing some unique things with their coverage. For example, the New York Post has a retrospective of past covers featuring the pop star and Long Island newspaper Newsday has two special edition covers today, one celebrating Jackson (above) and the other a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, whose death yesterday from cancer has been overshadowed by the international superstar’s untimely passing.