Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Requires 3G Data Plan to Activate WiFi?

I’ve been patiently evaluating my Android tablet options and have been waiting for an Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) model to appear to fit my needs and budget. I had hoped that the feature rich Motorola Xoom might be the one. But, alas, it is looking less and less likely. Here’s the latest disappointing news (from ars technica):

More Xoom details: $800, Feb. 24 launch, WiFi crippled without data plan

The $800 price tag is near the top-of-the-line 3G iPad’s price ($830). However, the Xoom’s features could offset that price tag and be in the running for my dwindling dollars if I could buy it without a 3G data plan and use it as a WiFi-only device (I quite happily and productively currently use a WiFi-only iPad). However, ars technica reported that the Best Buy product information reads: To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of 1 month data subscription is required. Yes, it only requires paying for one month of 3G service. But, you have to wonder what kind of fees might be involved in activating and terminating the service. Looks like the Xoom is out of the running for me.