Motorola Xoom Android OS 3.0 Tablets Shipping This Week with Big Price and No Adobe Flash

The Motorola Xoom Android OS 3.0 tablet is available for pre-order from Best Buy now and should be delivered later this week. I’m not buying the $800 3G model since I don’t want yet another monthly fee. I’m waiting for the WiFi-only model to appear (soon I hope). If you ordered your Xoom and am eagerly awaiting its delivery, there is one small missing feature you should be aware of according to PC World.

Hard Sell: Motorola’s $800 Xoom Tablet, No Flash Support

Personally, I think this is a non-issue since the mobile world has appeared to not care much about Adobe Flash on mobile platforms like phones and tablets. Xoom’s biggest problem is its big price, not the lack of Adobe Flash. At $800 the 32GB Xoom costs $70 more than the 32GB iPad 3G model. The lack of a lower end WiFi only price anchor is going to be a problem for this tablet despite its attractive hardware specifications.