Mothers-in-Law Don’t Fare So Well in iVillage Poll

NBC Universal’s online destination for women is taking aim at mothers-in-law, as iVillage will mark Mother-in-Law Day Sunday, Oct. 24 with the results of a poll based on the question, “What do you think of your mother-in-law?”

According to iVillage, in-laws haven’t fared so well in the survey, as 51 percent of respondents would rather stay home and clean than spend the day with their mothers-in-law. Other alternatives included a gynecologist visit (36 percent), jury duty (30 percent), filing income taxes (28 percent), and root canal (28 percent).

The survey also found that 28 percent of women described their relationships with their mothers-in-law as “terrible” or “bad,” and 76 percent of daughters-in-law responding that they would never seek parenting advice from their mothers-in-law. However, 54 percent felt comfortable leaving their children in the care of their mothers-in-law. A whopping 83 percent said they would never discuss their marriages with their mothers-in-law, and just 4 percent would talk about their sex lives.

When given the option to choose a celebrity substitute for their mothers-in-law — which 49 percent said they would not do at all — 17 percent chose Hillary Rodham Clinton, followed by Kris Kardashian Jenner (16 percent), Sarah Palin (9 percent), and Joan Rivers (7 percent).

iVillage chief correspondent Kelly Wallace said:

This study really touched a nerve in the iVillage community, with women more than eager to join the conversation on what they “really” think of their mother-in-law. Aside from comparing war stories, the iVillage women are actively connecting with each other and sharing advice on this hot-button topic.