Most Popular FishbowlNY Stories for The Week

Here’s a look at what FishbowlNY stories made the most buzz this week.

  1. Lena Dunham Wages War with Gawker
  2. New York Knicks Mentioned in ‘Typo of The Year’
  3. WLNY, Clear Channel Part of Huge Hurricane Sandy Relief 12/12/12 Concert
  4. NBCUniversal to Rebrand G4 as Esquire Channel
  5. Staying ‘Positive,’ Ernie Anastos Expands His Show
  6. MSLO Folds Whole Living
  7. Cubes: VIP Tour of AOL and The Huffington Post Offices
  8. Newsweek Cover Predicts ‘The End’
  9. Wenner Media Struggling with $200 Million in Debt
  10. Good Housekeeping Gets a Revamp

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