Morrent Lets You Control uTorrent from Facebook

morrent_facebook_logo.jpgFacebook, one of the world’s highly used social network. uTorrent, one of the world’s most used and abused audio/video download site. What will get you get if you combine these two together? – Morrent.

Morrent is an uber cool Facebook application that serve as a remote control for uTorrent that can control your uTorrent while you go along with your Facebook activities. Morrent gives you the ability to upload torrents by simply browsing for torrents in your local machine or by entering .torrent URL.

Morrent also has a search box which you can pretty much use to search for your favorite torrent sites. In addition, you can also select the sequence of files that you want to download from uTorrent.

So, the next time you find the need to look for digital files but you don’t want to exit from your Facebook, you may want to give Morrent a try. Don’t Morrent is still free like the uTorrent.