Morning Reading List, 12.17.07


Good morning Washington. It’s the birthday of Chris Matthews and Bill Safire and, on this day in 1989, “The Simpsons” premiered (hat tip: MicCheckRadio).

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  • Most of you have “computer problems” more than a few times a month.


  • Regarding this, a reader writes in, “Downie’s memo looks like a Pulitzer-submission list, doesn’t it? Everything he mentions in the memo is likely to be nominated, I would think.”

  • USAToday ends Hawaii printing, distribution.

  • The Business and Media Institute reports, “Newspaper makes outrageous claim 600,000 born annually with brain damage due to fish-eating mothers. Despite industry evidence, USA Today won’t correct.”

  • A Semi-Nude Minor? In The Times?

  • Deb Howell catches up on complaints.

  • Fox Business Network profiles the Politico. Also, check out their Christmas Carol Contest.

  • Thoughts on the City Paper, Chicago Reader layoffs.

  • The Hollywood Reporter reports, “News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on Thursday predicted a U.S. recession, commented on the writers strike, took shots at Hillary Clinton and the Financial Times and joked about the importance of his newly acquired Wall Street Journal not getting scooped — and all that within a couple of hours.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “The New York Times Co. may suffer if News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch aggressively challenges its flagship newspaper by cutting the Wall Street Journal’s cover price and boosting its national distribution, the Financial Times said in its ‘Lex’ column.”

  • Fortune reports, “As Rupert Murdoch claims his hard-won prize The Wall Street Journal, his News Corporation conglomerate is planning an unprecedented newspaper advertising campaign that at least two newspapers that usually have little in common — the Financial Times and the China Daily — have so far declined to run.”

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  • SRN News’ Linda Kenyon, running for re-election for the Senate Radio and TV Gallery Committee, wants to know if you have the balls to re-elect her.

  • A NBC release announced, “Monday, December 17, ‘NBC Nightly
    News with Brian Williams’ will debut a new, very special announcer who will introduce the program and Williams nightly. The announcer, who has a rich, extensive, award-winning theatrical career for nearly forty years, will be revealed Monday night at the end of the program, allowing viewers the chance to submit their guesses throughout the broadcast at

  • The PEJ Talk Show Index for December 2-7, shows, “Thanks to Mitt Romney’s big speech on his Mormon faith, the presidential race was the biggest story of the week in the talk universe last week.”

  • Denver Business Journal reports,John Malone’s Discovery Holding Co. and a part of private media giant Advance/Newhouse have agreed to convert their combined ownership of Discovery Communications television holdings into a single, publicly traded business, the companies announced.”

  • Washington Post reports, “Despite a grilling from a Senate committee yesterday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin said he would not postpone a Dec. 18 vote on a controversial media-ownership rule.”

  • Citizens United filed a complaint against the FEC in Disttrict Court. Check out the official complaint here.

  • His Extremeness points out, “Des Moines Register editor Carolyn Washburn, who moderated the recent Republican and Democratic presidential debates to such dismal failure, gives her side of the disasters in a Register piece.”

  • TVNewser reports, “Fox News Channel won the head-to-head-to-head Iowa GOP debate simulcast by a significant margin on Wednesday. FNC had more total viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. In the A25-54 demo, FNC had slightly less than the two other nets combined.”

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  • A TNR Editor’s Covert Conversation With Scott Beauchamp

  • Do Political Bloggers at Newspaper Sites Now Drive 2008 Campaign Coverage?”

  • The Times reports, “Google is to go head-to head with Wikipedia, the web’s largest reference work, setting up a clash between two of the web’s biggest brands.”

  • A release announced, “MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, today announced the results of the new ‘Impact Presidential Poll,’ the first monthly results in a series of political polls to be conducted exclusively of the MySpace community leading up to the 2008 general presidential election. The Impact Presidential Poll unveils the political views and engagement of the ‘MySpace Generation,’ providing an early view into the perspective of America’s young adults.”

  • Layoffs at”

  • Silicon Alley Insider reports, “Now that another round of surgical layoffs is done, the new buzz in Dulles is whether AOL investor Google will exercise its right to force Time Warner to take AOL public or buy its AOL stock back (with the choice between the two being Time Warner’s).”

  • Concurring Opinions writes, “So, Lawrence O’Donnell seems to have an interesting set of beliefs about Mormons and Romney. His discussion is a little disjointed, but as far as I can tell from his interview, his Hewitt interview, and his Huffington Post column, his beliefs can basically be distilled into some major ideas.” Check out O’Donnell’s post here.

  • White House reporter Connie Lawn’s latest blog about Wounded Warriors Week is up at

  • In response to Nora McAlvanah’s suggestion that Des Moines Register debate moderator Carolyn Washburn “is a dead ringer for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” one reader counters with Ginsburg and Amy Klobuchar.

  • A reader writes in, “Correction about Lucy Kafanov’s ‘reporters blog’ at The NewsHour — many NewsHour reporters and online staff members post to that blog. They share it, covering different candidates.”

  • “You can now sign up for the twice-weekly video Note via iTunes. Go to the ABC News section in iTunes, where you can subscribe to The Note podcasts (and Politics Live, in addition to plenty of other great ABC segments), for free.”

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  • From Mike Allen’s Playbook: “The White House press office said goodbye yesterday to Ryan Graham, who’s always good karma.”

  • WTOP reports, “The top spokesperson for the District’s troubled Department of Transportation is stepping down just as the agency is preparing for its most difficult time of the year. Erik Linden is leaving government service after five years and two administrations.”

  • FCW reports, “Earlier this week, an FCW competitor, Government Executive, went through something of a organizational reorg this week. Long-time editor Tom Shoop this week was named as the editor of Government Executive. Tim Clark, the long time editor and president, will stay on as editor in chief, ‘providing guidance to the management team and representing Government Executive toward the federal government and contractor communities.’ Apparently it has not been decided whether Shoop will continue Go Exec’s Fed log, which is immensely readable and almost always interesting.”

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  • FOX News Channel is looking for a Senior Producer, Weekend Live, a Production Assistant, an Associate Producer and a Package Producer.

  • CEO Update is looking for an Editor-in-Chief.

  • Golden Living is looking for a Public Relations Specialist.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for a Newsroom Technology Manager.

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is looking for a Science Writer.

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