Morning Reading List, 12.11.07


Good morning Washington. It’s the birthday of Sen. John Kerry and Nikki Sixx, a motley crew indeed.

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  • You think Huckabee’s AIDS comments will not stop Huck-mentum.


  • Vote for debate questions on Politico’s new debate page.

  • Why did a sports writer write the Post’s profile of Hillary Clinton?

  • From the Post:

      The menorah that President and Laura Bush lighted at last night’s White House Hanukkah party had special significance: It’s owned by the family of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan in 2002. The menorah originally belonged to his great-grandparents, Chaim and Rosa Pearl, who took it with them from Poland to Israel in 1924. Pearl’s parents, Judea and Ruth Pearl, were on hand for the ceremony.

  • The New York Observer reports, “Sarah Ellison, the Wall Street Journal media reporter who has been covering Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of Dow Jones, will write a book about the transformation of the news media, to be published by Houghton Mifflin in 2009. According to a posting on Publishers Marketplace announcing the deal, the story of Mr. Murdoch’s acquisition of The Journal will be the centerpiece of Ms. Ellison’s book.”

  • “The International Herald Tribune announced plans Monday to transform its financial section online and in print next month by forging an alliance with the news agency Reuters.”

  • David Carr writes, “At the end of the 1990s, I was editor of The Washington City Paper, a weekly with a history of excellence built by Jack Shafer (now the press critic for Slate), and owned by a group of college friends turned businessmen who also owned The Chicago Reader. In the time I worked for them, I was impressed by their constancy and their willingness to support good work in the belief that if you produced quality journalism, the business would look after itself. In the case of The Reader, it seems like that turned out not to be true.”

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  • Check out Ezra Klein’s new online digs.

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  • Fortune suspends disbelief with Cheney

  • The Bobbleheads continue.

  • Radar’s John Cook writes, “When Joe Klein signed up with Time magazine as a political columnist in 2003, he turned to this quote from Teddy Roosevelt for the name of his weekly dispatch, which he dubbed ‘In the Arena’ … Klein has written that he intended the reference as a sort of self-effacing rebuke, a constant reminder that he is but a humble critic who chronicles the doings of deeds. But to believe that interpretation, one must ignore the fact that Klein’s body of work amounts to little more than a festival of projection and poorly disguised vanity.”

  • The Verse Magazine’s re-launch party is this Wednesday. Check it out here.

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  • From DCRTV:

      DCRTV hears that WTOP will interrupt the all-news flow to air a sports event – the first time since dropping the Orioles after the 2000 season. Navy has made it into the Poinsetta Bowl. The 12/20 football game would normally air on WTOP’s sister, talker 3WT, but there is a conflict because the hockey Capitals are playing that night. And a Bonneville source tells DCRTV: “We honor our contracts.” WTOP will make sure there is room for news, traffic, and weather updates during the Navy game, which will air at 8 PM. The Navy coaches pre-game show will air on 3WT before the Caps…..

    He also hears that “No Big Changes Coming To MAL.”

    And while you’re at it, submit your nominations for the “Best/Worst” of 2007.

  • Check out Mark Silva on “On the Media.”

  • Ad Week reports, “Two months ago, when wildfires scorched hundreds of square miles in Southern California, forcing the evacuation of a half-million people, listenership spiked on KNX Radio, the CBS-owned outlet in Los Angeles. But the uptick wasn’t for the station’s on-air signal; listeners had instead tuned into the station on the Internet.”

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  • Morgan Felchner has left Campaigns & Elections magazine.

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  • Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine is seeking a hard-nosed political reporter with a talent for feature writing.

  • American Chemical Society is seeking a Copy Editor

  • Chemical & Engineering News is looking for a Web Associate and a Production Editor.

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