Morning Reading List, 10.11.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Joe Biden is your choice for POTUS.

  • TVGuide interviews Chris Matthews.

  • Via Wednesday’s “Wake Up Call!”:

      “But what’s most noteworthy, of course, as we watched the candidates come out on stage, and Fred Thompson was standing there in the middle, is just how tall he is” — Norah O’Donnell, on noteworthiness (“Hardball”).

  • Inside Cable News hears that Matt Lauer has scored an interview with Sen. Larry Craig.

  • Who Keeps Sharpton and Jackson Powerful? The White Media.”

  • The NY Times looks into the Braver/Cheney story.

  • The Future of NBCU

  • GOP Debate: 2nd & 3rd Lowest Rated So Far

  • Jay Rosen: “What I Learned from Assignment Zero

  • Carrie Christoffersen, curator of collections at the Newseum, has been with the media-oriented museum since 1997, and is The Examiner’s “3-Minute Interview”

  • Waxman in no rush to silence Rush, Hannity

  • Pelosi has candid talk with reporters

  • Market Watch’s Jon Freidman writes, “The prototype for the modern Internet success story goes something like this: A disenfranchised loner grows up bored in a leafy American suburb, drops out of Harvard or Stanford and then surfaces in Silicon Valley.”

  • A Q&A with Carl Bernstein.

  • After Larry Craig Case: Should Press ‘Out’ Politicians?

  • To do today: “Editrix of the Trade: How to Keep Your Job and Your Sanity as a Female Journalist in Washington, DC”

  • TVNewser reports, “sources tell TVNewser another story in the book is not quite right about a meeting ABC News president David Westin had with NBC’s Brian Williams. Kurtz writes, ‘In the spring of 2002…Westin arranged a rendezvous in a Manhattan hotel…Westin asked Williams if he wanted to anchor Nightline.’ A network insider tells me Westin did meet with Williams, but it was in 1997 and that the discussion was about Williams joining Good Morning America, not Nightline.”

  • World Screen reports, “Speaking with reporters in Cannes this morning, Leslie Moonves, the president and CEO of CBS Corporation and this year’s MIPCOM Personality of the Year, discussed the company’s new-media strategy, the relationship with iTunes and the progress of The CW network in the U.S.”

  • Hollywood Reporter reports, “Voting shares of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. have gained ground of late and are up year-to-date after trailing their year-end 2006 closing price late in the summer. Analysts cited the global credit crunch and the planned acquisition of Dow Jones & Co. as factors that held back the stock.”

  • Greta Van Susteren tells us, “On rare occasions our show gets tossed out of our usual DC studio (some other show needs it for a special or something like that) and we move down the hall to another studio. Once in the other studio, we must improvise… try to make it work for us … here is a short behind the video of our team improvising.”

  • Variety reports, “With a November WGA strike becoming a more distinct possibility, studios have started putting the hiring squeeze on scribes. ‘We’re not financing their strike’ is the new mantra for studio and network execs as writers are told that their services won’t be needed until the WGA works out a deal. The get-tough stance — designed to demonstrate the consequences of a strike to the 12,000 Writers Guild of America members — has emerged as the gloomy town deepens its belief that a strike will take place soon after the Oct. 31 contract expiration.”

  • Check out Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast and son of the company’s founder, and his Q&A with CNN.

  • Philadelphia Business Journal reports, “Comcast Corp. said it will move about 100 management positions at its Versus sports network to the corporation’s headquarters in Philadelphia.”

  • Reuters reports, “XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc plans to introduce new portable radios next year and expects car buyers to account for more than 65 percent of new subscribers by the end of 2007, its interim chief executive said in an interview.”

  • The Washington Times reports, “Allbritton Communications, owner of ABC affiliate WJLA-TV (Channel 7) and the Politico newspaper, has rolled out a digital channel devoted to Washington-area filmmakers, producers, animators, musicians, comics and storytellers. Local POINT TV, carried on Channel 205 for Comcast cable subscribers and 867 for Verizon FiOS customers, bills itself as a ‘return to television’s creative roots.'” Check it out here.

  • Mark Halpern gives his first interview on new book, The Undecided Voter’s Guide to the Next President.

  • Check out MSNBC’s new Candidates and Issues Matrix that launched this week. And check out the site’s partially re-designed politics front.

  • PEJ News Coverage Index for Sept. 30 through Oct. 5 shows, “The Murky Blackwater Story Fuels Iraq Coverage.

  • The Deal reports, “No sooner had we recovered from the prelaunch hype surrounding the arrival of Portfolio magazine — not to mention the post-launch disappointment and inevitable schadenfraude — then we now have to contend with the hullabaloo around another new business media offering: the Fox Business Network channel. Set to launch Oct. 15, Rupert Murdoch’s long-awaited competitor to CNBC last week gave the public a glimpse of what it has been cooking up all these months in the form of a marketing Web site (”

  • IFN reports, “Craigslist Racks Up Another $75-million”

  • Variety reports, “Chicago real estate magnate and Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell said Tuesday he had no plans to sell the Los Angeles Times to any of the moguls who previously expressed an interest in buying the newspaper.”


  • Imre Communications is looking for an Account Supervisor, Associations.

  • The Virginian-Pilot is looking for a Sports Writer.

  • Blue Ridge PBS is looking for an Executive Producer.

  • Delegation of the European Commission is looking for a Senior Communications Advisor.

  • Maryland Gazette is looking for a Reporter.

  • The Atlantic Monthly is looking for a Copy Editor.

  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is looking for an International Media Director.

  • Center for Community Change is looking for a Communications Specialist.

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