Morning Reading List 08.27.09: A Kennedy Edition

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Yesterday, we saw countless commentators and anchors recall memories of Senator Kennedy in the daytime, and hour-long specials produced in the evening. WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz notes that much of the coverage has a “personal tone” lent to it by the reporters who brought us that coverage. He wrote:

“There was an unmistakably personal tone to the tributes, the anchors and correspondents sounding as though they, and the country, had lost a friend. Diane Sawyer talked about Kennedy’s megawatt smile. Andrea Mitchell called him “the greatest senator of our generation.” Brian Williams, who had flown during the night to Hyannis Port, observed: “I hope his Irishness… isn’t lost in all this.” Geraldo Rivera called him a “mentor.”

…Washington can be the smallest of towns, and many in the media recounted touching encounters with the late senator. Chris Matthews, a Type 2 diabetic, spoke of Kennedy calling him with advice after the “Hardball” host had an attack of hypoglycemia. Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist, recalled on CNN that when his father had received a cancer diagnosis, Kennedy called and “gave me the name of one of the world’s foremost experts in cancer treatment. He said, ‘He’s expecting your call. I just talked to him.’ And he helped pave the way to get my father the treatment that, frankly, saved his life.””

And from Slate‘s Jack Shafer: “Not everybody in the press adored the Kennedys, of course. But those who did-like famed New York Times reporter, editor, and columnist James “Scotty” Reston-attended to the family’s legend like priests on retainer.”

Politico captured these Kennedy memories from various Washingtonians, including CBS’ Bob Schieffer and former Kennedy press assistant Terri Robinson.


E&P: The Boston Globe literally stopped the presses at about 1:30am to change the paper’s front page and several inside pages to include the Kennedy’s death yesterday.

E&P‘s blog takes notes of where leading newspapers placed the first mention of the Chappaquiddick accident in their Senator Kennedy obits.

FamousDC poked fun at Politico yesterday for its extensive coverage of Senator Kennedy’s death on the web. Today, the paper was out with a special edition, “Remembering a Legend.” (h/t Playbook)


The Daily News‘ David Hinckley commentates that yesterday’s cable coverage “lined up as neatly as the punch line in a joke about the alleged political agendas of those channels.” He writes:

“On the left: MSNBC, which went wall-to-wall Kennedy the entire day, interspersing fresh reactions with warm remembrances of his life and times.

On the right: Fox News, where Kennedy was the main story all day – but where it was often used as an opener to discussions of the health-care plan he endorsed, which faces heavy criticism and an uncertain fate.

In the middle: CNN, which stayed wall-to-wall longer than Fox and incorporated more Kennedy features, but broke off as well for other stories.”

C-SPAN has already announced that it will air live coverage Senator Kennedy’s Celebration of Life memorial service from 7-9pm tomorrow and on Saturday, the funeral mass from 10:30am-12:30pm and the burial service at 5:30pm at Arlington National Ceremony. We’ll have more coverage plans on FBDC later today.


Nancy Reagan joined “The Ron Reagan Show” on Air America last night to discuss Senator Kennedy. You can listen in now here.

And former CBS News correspondent Roger Mudd, who famously asked Senator Kennedy why he wanted to be president just before officially announcing that he would run, called into Sirius XM Radio’s POTUS show. You can listen to that interview here.


WebNewser takes notes of Kennedy video coverage on the web.

And is opening Kennedy coverage to their readers with


Senator Kennedy’s memoir “True Compass” will go on sale September 14th, according to the publisher and via NYT. The autobiography has been five years in the making.

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