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Great scenes from Slate’s party. TVNewser chats with Greta. It’s the birthday of Steve Clemons and Bob Kerrey. Also: LBJ. Tomorrow: Marty Kady. One year ago today, Roll Call reported Larry Craig’s arrest. Former “Hardball” staffer Jeremy Bronson has a piece up on TNR about the conventions. TVNewser reports, “CNN Beats CBS & ABC in 10pmET Hour”. Howard Kurtz tweets, “Man, this place is crawling with media egos, some pretending to be happy to see each other”. Garrett Graff tweets, “Much applause for Peter Jennings and Tim Russert during #dnc08 video tribute to Dems who passed away. Odd to include them in that video?” Convention Daily presents, “Ted Koppel On Covering Conventions”, “Roger Mudd On Covering Conventions” and “Jim Lehrer On Covering Conventions“. Playbook reports, “D’OH: The Hampton Inn where some Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and CBS journalists are staying has no bar.” Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “People who run papers who want to transition the newspaper business to the internet but can’t check their own E-mail or thinks a Blackberry is something bears eat.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • Splice Today asks, “Who Is Paul Krugman Voting For?”

  • News And Tech reports, “n a decidedly down newspaper market, Clarity Media Group is poised to head in the other direction. The company over the past four years spent millions of dollars to shore up its production infrastructure, capping the investment earlier this summer when it launched Sunday editions of its Examiner newspapers in three markets. Clarity July 13 rolled out Sunday editions in San Francisco, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., distributing more than 840,000 newspapers in the three cities.”

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  • A release announced, “PBS/Newshour 2008 Democratic Convention Coverage Draws Strong Viewership”

  • A release announced, “‘World News’ averaged 6.91 million Total Viewers and a 1.8/7 among Adults 25-54, placing second for the week of August 18, 2008. (Please note: George Stephanopoulos substituted for Charlie Gibson on Monday and Tuesday, August 18 & 19.)”

  • A NBC release announced, “‘NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ drew a tremendous 8.99 million viewers during the second week of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the week, ‘Nightly’ led ABC by 2.084 million and CBS by 3.455 million. On Monday, ‘Nightly’ beat ABC by a whopping 2.973 million, the second highest single day advantage (after the 2.987 advantage the prior Friday) since December 1, 2004. On Tuesday, Nightly delivered 9.799 million total viewers, its second best single day delivery (behind the 9.981 million on August 11, 2008) since March 3, 2008 and beat CBS Evening News by 4.009 million viewers, the largest single day advantage since September 9, 2005.”

  • ABC announced, “Watch ABC News NOW’s live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The coverage will be co-hosted by ABC’s Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein, senior political reporter and author of ‘The Note,’ who will report on the latest news and behind-the-scenes action, along with ABC News’ political team covering events and key speeches throughout the day.”

  • A NBC release announced, “On the first night of the Democratic National Convention, more than 6.8 million Americans turned to the networks of NBC News. With Brian Williams anchoring the coverage live from Denver, NBC News led the night with 4.706 total viewers, attracting 13% more than ABC and 36% more than CBS.”

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports, “MSNBC staple Chris Matthews visited the Pennsylvania delegation this morning for breakfast. The Keystone State native was warmly welcomed by delegates and took lots of pictures with the attendees.”

  • reports, “Matthews makes a splash at Pa. delegation breakfast”

  • A Nielsen release announced that the first night of convention coverage included 17,111,710 households.

  • St. Petersburg Times reports, “Anchors aweigh with opinions”

  • Washington Post reports, “Cable Coverage From New Angles”

  • TVNewser reports on “Technical Difficulties in Denver”

  • A CNN release announced, “CNN Most-Watched Cable News Network for DNC’s Opening Night; Beats ABC and CBS at 10p”

  • An ABC release announced, “On night one of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, ABC News’ primetime coverage averaged 4.17 million Total Viewers and a 1.2/3 among Adults 25-54, placing second among the broadcast networks.”

  • Howard Kurtz reports, “No Joke: Jon Stewart Takes Aim At 24-Hour Cable News ‘Beast'”

  • Gawker reports, “Jon Stewart Vs. Fox News: Media Fighting Fair”
  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Critics from Jon Stewart to Jack Shafer have taken shots at CNN’s oft-repeated slogan dubbing itself ‘the best political team on television.’ But Wolf Blitzer, seated at a table in CNN’s Grill this morning, defended it.”

  • Mediabistro asks, “So What Do You Do, Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News?”

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  • A CNN release announced, “Responding to the intense public interest in the upcoming presidential election ahead of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, has launched ‘The Forum,’ the site’s online destination for political and social self-expression where the CNN audience can share opinions on the candidates and the election overall, as well as the issues most important to them.”

  • CN8’s Larry Kane writes, “Hi-fi to Wifi: How the conventions evolved”

  • Check out Culture 11, a new “social, interactive media network focused on content but also heavily on user interaction on blogs, diaries, groups and connections among people on the site.”

  • “Respectably French! and the Harvard Independent have teamed up to provide in-depth online coverage of the race for White House at ELECTION 2008.” Check it out here.

  • A release announced, “Nielsen Mobile, a service of The Nielsen Company, estimates that 2.9 million U.S. mobile subscribers received a text message from the Obama campaign over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

  • A release announced, “On Monday, August 25, broke a record in convention coverage by publishing 173 stories in one day!”

  • Jennifer Van Grove writes, “As an independent contractor doing social media strategy, I find myself spending a lot of time explaining and training social media strategy, online community building, and web strategy. As an educator of sorts, I dedicate a large part of my professional life trying to find real-world worthy definitions and applications of Twitter, an incredibly intangible tool to wrap a traditional mindset around.”

  • Check out a “new social media campaign — first of its kind in DC Government — with Facebook, Twitter and aimed at college students in DC.” Check it out here.

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  • FMQB reports, “Speaking as a lecturer at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory recently, National Public Radio (NPR) President Kevin Klose told the audience that commercial radio lacks authenticity and has lost its local voice.”

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  • A release announced, “A new Sacred Heart University national poll found 64.9% of Americans say the purported national media ‘love affair’ with U.S. Senator Barack Obama is very (30.5%) or somewhat real (34.4%). Another 26.5% suggested the love affair was somewhat unreal (8.5%) or not at all real (18.0%). Others, 8.6%, were unsure.”

  • Howard Kurtz reports, “Not Much News, but Journalists Can’t Make Themselves Scarce”

  • Reporters Without Borders announced, “Salim Abdallah Ashur al-Shujayri, believed head of al-Qaeda on Baghdad’s east bank, who was arrested during an 11 August military operation, planned the kidnapping of several foreigners including US journalist Jill Carroll, in January 2006, the US Army said. Carroll was held hostage for almost three months. Her interpreter, Allan Enwiyah, was shot dead during her abduction. Reporters Without Borders welcomes this arrest and calls for an exemplary trial.”

  • E&P reports, “Reporters, Stop Being Too Cool For The Room: Stand for The Anthem!”

  • A release announced, “Pace University political science professor Christopher Malone is traveling with six Pace students to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado this week as part of The Washington Center’s Campaign 2008 National Political Conventions academic seminar series. A Pace group will also attend the Republican National Convention with Malone in Minneapolis — Saint Paul, Minnesota, September 1-4.”

  • Media Matter’s Eric Bohlert writes, “Hillary Clinton speaks at convention. The press concocts a story”

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  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is looking for an Econ Writer.

  • Warren Communications News is looking for a Business Reporter.

  • Business & Media Institute is looking for a Managing Editor.

  • SNL Financial, LC is looking for a Copy Editor III and a Reporter, Financial News.

  • Atlantic Media Company is offering an Editorial Internship.

  • Congressional Quarterly Inc. is looking for an Assistant Documents Editor.

  • NPR is looking for a Producer I, II or III, Swing, All Things Considered.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for a Senior Editor, Big Builder Magazine.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for an Associate Editor, Building Products Magazine.

  • Warren Communications News is looking for a Business Reporter.

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