Morning Reading List 08.20.09

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Above, Jon Stewart’s “moment of Zen,” starring CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and kid-journo-genius Damon Weaver. “Why do they call you Wolf… is that because you have a lot of hair on your face?”

After work tonight, join Bloomberg’s Karen Leigh at Stetson’s on U St. for goodbyes before her re-location to Cambodia. What know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill and Meghan McCain will be filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View,” starting in September while Hasselbeck is out on maternity leave.

Variety fills us in on “The Jay Leno Show.” They’ll keep his best-known comedy bits, such as the “Jaywalking” segment, his riffs on headlines and 99¢ Only Store advertisements, which will run in the final quarter-hour of the new NBC series.

The editors of TVNewser read Playboy— for the articles, like this one on “Family Guy” creator and FOX comedy mastermind Seth MacFarlane. “There are things I don’t like about FOX, most notably Fox News, but [Rupert] Murdoch is clearly a shrewd businessman first and a conservative second… He seems to be much more of a critical thinker than the guys he employs at Fox News. If Sean Hannity could think as critically as Rupert, I might like him,” McFarlane said in Playboy.


There’s another hottest list in DC– and it’s not FBDC’s hottest media types! Mediaite takes a look at the “new hottest-on-the-Hill list in town –The 50 Most Fabulous People on the Hill– the brainchild of two wet-behind-the-ears congressional aides, who think that there are some flaws with The Hill‘s list.”


CBS News has announced that this Sunday “60 Minutes” will devote its entire hour to the news magazine’s creator and former executive producer, Don Hewitt, who passed away yesterday. The “60 Minutes” correspondents are working on individual segments that will tell the story of the legendary newsman’s life, and lasting contributions to the TV news industry.

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