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Born on this day: Roberto Clemente, Rosalynn Carter, Robert Redford, Andy Sandberg, Edward Norton and … Bob Woodruff. But, most importantly: It’s the 10th anniversary of Hotline’s Last Call! Are you a D.C. party animal? Most of you have dedicated 1-5 hours to watching the Olympics. Was that Jeff Jarvis in town over the weekend? Was that Catherine Andrews from the Washingtonian magazine completing the San Diego marathon over the weekend? Was that former Washington Examiner reporter Mike Rupert running a 100 meter dash with his wife over the weekend? Howie Kurtz on all those DC bureau closings. “Jake” tweets, “I’m developing a serious crush on Monica Hesse. It’s not so much what she writes — although she is a good writer–as what she writes *about*.” DCeiver tweets, “Officially nominating Bela Karolyi to take the reins at MEET THE PRESS. Can I get a 1,000,000 Strong For Bela Karolyi Facebook group, pls?” kevinbinversie tweets, “Christ, and I thought Kornheiser had a love affair with Favre. This ‘color commentary’ from Theismann’s sickening.” David Lat tweets, “dreamt that he borrowed Linda Greenhouse’s cell phone — then got caught on video being snippy to her when she asked for it back” SlateOlympics asks, “Does Michael Phelps have a business relationship with Facebook? He’s now given it two primetime plugs in the space of two days.” Washington Post’s Dan Eggen reports, “Every once in a while, the White House sends out a blast e-mail titled “Setting the Record Straight,” usually taking issue with a press report or criticism that the Bush administration finds wanting. The targets are often news organizations that conservatives consider part of the hated liberal media, such as recent missives against the New York Times and NBC News. So it had to mark some sort of watershed last week when Bush’s press office sent out its latest e-mail complaint — this time directed at that leftist bastion, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.” Brian Van presents, “Comic gold from the spam folder.” Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m angry because I can’t decide whether to continue doing something I used to love or trade it in for a unrewarding job in another field that pays better. If I’m gonna be miserable at my job most days like I am now, I may as well get paid for it.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • This week’s classes include Personal Essay Writing and Making Sense of Social Media (Video).


  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Eddy Hartenstein, the former head of satellite television provider DirecTV, will become the new publisher of the Los Angeles Times on Monday.”

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  • “Len Downie, the executive editor of The Washington Post, was the opening day speaker at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism on Monday, August 11.” Check out notes from the speech here.

  • E&P has a “A Tribute to Departing ‘Wash Post’ Editor Downie”

  • The Charleston Gazette reports, “Tom Searls, a longtime Charleston Gazette reporter who covered subjects from state government to small-town corruption, was found dead at his Kanawha City residence on Thursday afternoon. He was 54.”

  • “As it has for many years, the Pew Research Center’s biennial news consumption survey once again documents declines in the use of traditional news sources — especially newspapers — and increases in the size of the online news audience. But a new comprehensive segmentation of Pew’s latest survey illustrates that today it is not a choice between traditional sources and the internet for core elements of the news audience.” Check out the full report here.

  • Last Call presents a special edition of Separarteds. Washington Times’ “Two Guys in a Newsroom” and Statler and Waldorf

  • Jay Rosen tweets, “My feeling is that editors who hire columnists who are proud of having no ideology have no idea what they are doing and wind up with jerks”

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  • TVNewser reports, “McKay, Buckley, Snow to be Honored at Documentary Emmys”

  • Also from TVNewser, “Al Jazeera English has received its first International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy) nominations. B&C reports the network is up for awards in the News and Current Affairs categories for its coverage of the Myanmar uprising and the standoff at Pakistan’s Red Mosque.”

  • Politico reports, “McCain protests NBC coverage”

  • ABC News reports, “Leroy Sievers, a veteran broadcast journalist, former executive producer of ABC News’ ‘Nightline’ and the author of a popular and candid daily blog about his battle with cancer, ‘My Cancer,’ has died at age 53.”

  • The AP reports, “TV Remains Top Source Of News”

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  • Tech Crunch reports, “The State of WordPress 2008: Awesome Growth”

  • Balkhis reports, “Every blogger wants to increase their subscriber count, but I have realized to increase your subscriber count you need to find out why your readers subscribe to your blog. Yeah you write great content and they subscribe. But what if you are writing good content and seeing no results than what do you do? Find out why your readers subscribe to your blog? So you can write what they want and get more subscribers.”

  • Tech Crunch reports, “CNN Doesn’t Include Spoiler Alert In Tweets, Twitter Users Say It Ruined Olympics”

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  • The AP reports, “New magazine-sharing site may violate copyrights”

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  • Kansas City Star reports, “Sirius-XM merger’s approval opens a new batch of questions”

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  • Computer World reports, “The new employee connection: Social networking behind the firewall”

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  • AAAS is looking for a Marketing Associate.

  • The Central Virginian is looking for a Publisher and editor.

  • Inter-American Dialogue is looking for an Editor, Latin America Advisor.

  • The Gazette is looking for an Assistant Sports Editor.

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