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Yesterday was the birthday of The Examiner’s Bill Myers and today is the birthday of Shira Mazor. Today is also the birthday of William Weld and Deval Patrick (oh, and JK Rowling, too). Re: The Hill’s 50 most beautiful list, Karl Frisch told finalist Andrew Savage: “I’m really not sure if The Hill is a blessing or a curse haha. Congrats nonetheless.” Most of you would prefer an ocean house. April Ryan’s blog has been renamed to Fabric of America. Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio died 55 years ago today. From Friday’s gaggle: MS. PERINO: “Well, for the tour? To be determined; probably pool. And then for the remarks, open. I just don’t know how large the space is. Wednesday, the 30th, he will have a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room — all right, no laughing? I said the Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room and I got no laughs, nothing.” (Laughter.) The Boston Phoenix has put together an interactive feature spotlights the all-time best band, all-time best solo artist, and best new band for each American state. Things Younger Than McCain announced that “the blog hit a milestone…” 500,029 unique visitors since its launch less than three months ago. Washingtonian’s Harry Jaffe has “Five Ways Brauchli Can Save the Post.” Was that Jonathan Martin having lunch with William Beutler yesterday at High Noon? Oh, how we long for Jason Linkins’ parody of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m just generally ticked off that editors expect you to write 14 stories a week and then walk over to your desk to berate you every time you’ve got a comma in the wrong place. It’s like in Office Space with the TPS reports. It’s not a error of ignorance, just an error of oversight. If you’re going to push me to write this much, then expect to do a wee bit of editing now and again.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • The Morning Call’s Pennsylvania Ave. reports, “The steadily dwindling crew of Pennsylvania political reporters in Washington will dwindle some more, and the newest loss is a big one for the state. Come November, Brett Lieberman will be out of a job as the Washington correspondent for the Harrisburg Patriot-News with the closing of Newhouse’s Washington bureau.”

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  • Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins reports, “Washington Post Fans Outrage After Misquoting Obama”

  • E&P reports, “Cartoonist Loses Freelance Job After Plagiarism Allegation”

  • The Page reports, “Democrats Say WashPost Obama Quote Yanked From Context”

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  • A release announced, “World News with Charles Gibson placed 1st among key demo viewers last week, tying NBC’s Nightly News in the demo rating and share; both broadcasts averaged a 1.8/8 among Adults 25-54.”

  • A NBC release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ was the most-watched network evening
    newscast, winning the week of July 21, 2008 in total viewers, homes and the key demographic adults 25-54.”

  • A release announced, “C-SPAN, covering its seventh presidential election cycle, will incorporate new features into the network’s gavel to gavel coverage of the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions, providing viewers with a ‘delegate’s eye view’ of the party nominating process.”

  • The Huffington Post reports, “Katie Couric Explains Reaction To Bad Press: ‘If I Listened To What Every Bitch In New York City Said About Me, I’d Never Leave The House'”

  • A release announced, “The Big Three broadcast networks lavished an incredible amount of attention on Barack Obama’s tour of the Middle East and Europe last week. Compared to a very similar trip by John McCain last March, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts gave Obama more than ten times the coverage — 92 minutes for the Democrat’s eight-day trip, compared to just eight and a half minutes for the Republican’s seven-day tour.” Check out more here.

  • Media Matters reports, “Fox’s Henneberg falsely claimed Obama’s campaign said he didn’t visit troops at Landstuhl because Pentagon prohibited cameras”

  • A release announced, “The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has won three bronze Telly Awards for its 2008 national cable television commercials airing on CNN, Fox Business News, and Fox News, as well as on their respective Web sites.”

  • Mike Allen’s Playbook reports, “Luke RUSSERT, filling in for Stat Boy on ESPN’s ‘Pardon the Interruption.’ He was introduced as a former intern on the show. (Hat tip: Pedro) His Mom, Maureen Orth, was on CNN’s ‘American Morning’ talking about her new Vanity Fair cover story, ‘Paris Match,’ on the French first lady, ‘sexy singer and ex-model’ Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports, “On Monday CNN’s American Morning won all three hours in the A25-54 demo and, therefore, won the time period as well (6-9amET). That’s the first time that’s happened this year. Fox & Friends still won the time period in Total Viewers, nearly doubling CNN’s audience.”

  • Media Matters reports, “CBS, NBC evening news broadcasts ignored IG report finding illegal actions in Justice Department hiring practices; ABC devoted less than 30 seconds”

  • The White House Chronicle reports, “John McCaughey, journalist, bon vivant, friend and a past editor of The Energy Daily, died on Saturday of heart failure. He was 61.”

  • Portfolio’s Mixed Media reports, “Fox Business Just Seven Decades From Victory”

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  • National Journal reports, “Democrats will give bloggers better access than reporters, but Republicans will treat them the same.”

  • CNet reports, “Could YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen become this generation’s version of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the famed newspaper reporters who broke the Watergate scandal? Probably not, but their site has quickly become a competitor to investigative journalists everywhere.”

  • “What if there was an online place where conservatives could not only share their views in a forum type format but also post video and have the ability to create groups and share ideas with other conservatives? Well, there is. It’s called, a new online site from the Media Research Center, where conservative citizen journalists can go to post video, meet one another and more importantly, discuss the issues that matter most to them — all with NO liberal slant or censorship that is experienced on other sites.” Check it out here.

  • A release announced, “The Network Companies LLC announced the launch of the new RNC Toolbar offered by the Republican National Committee. The Network Companies LLC, in partnership with FreeCause, Inc., designed and developed the revolutionary fundraising and communication toolbar application that the RNC successfully launched last week.” Check it out here.

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  • A release announced, “The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) recognized Restaurants & Institutions and The Scientist as 2008 Magazines of the Year among publications of 80,000 or more circulation and less than 80,000, respectively.”

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  • A release announced, “Washington’s Spring ratings are in, and public radio station WAMU 88.5 is #5 in the Washington, D.C., market overall, with a 5.3 share. The station’s broadcast of NPR=92s Morning Edition from 5-10 a.m., weekdays, ranked #2 in the market, with a 7.2 share and more than 375,600 weekly listeners. The Diane Rehm Show’s signature weekly news panel, the Friday News Roundup, tied for #1 in its 10 a.m.,-noon timeslot with a 5.5 share.”

  • The Washington Post reports, “Comcast Illegally Interfered With Web File-Sharing Traffic, FCC Says”

  • Radio and Records reports, “Tuesday morning at XM’s DC headquarters, Sirius XM Radio CEO Mel Karmazin hosted a town hall-type meeting, which was broadcast companywide following the closing of the merger. Folks familiar with the meeting said Karmazin announced a new management team that will be revealed later this week. The team was described as a two-tier system, consisting of a six-person ‘executive management committee’ that includes Karmazin, and the next tier, which will consist of as many as 26 executive VP- and senior VP-level managers.”

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  • PBS reports, “Print Book Reviews Shrink While Online Versions Grow”

  • The New York Observer reports, “David Carr’s Crash: Drug Rehab Memoir Remakes the Genre”

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  • The RNC is having fun with “Meet The Press” name in a release entitled, “Meet The Record”.

  • Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert writes, “Reporters whine about Obama; ignore McCain attacks on the press”

  • The Guardian reports, “Journalists are having trouble going about their work in advance of the Beijing Olympics. Several reporters, photographers and TV camera operators have suffered harassment, from both police and citizens.”

  • The New York Observer reports, “They Adored Him! Senator McCain Had the Press Eating From His Palms, Then Suddenly, the Fickle Bastards Were Chortling! Would He Whine? ‘It’s Like Britney Complaining About Miley,’ Says Jake Tapper”

  • AJR reports, “As embattled news organizations try to safeguard their futures with intensely local coverage, there is often a wide gulf between journalists and the communities they cover.”

  • The Star Bulletin reports, “Sen. Barack Obama, speaking to a gathering of minority journalists yesterday, stopped short of endorsing an official U.S. apology to American Indians but said the country should acknowledge its history of poor treatment of certain ethnic groups.”

  • Check out E&P’s Annual Salute to Innovators.

  • Slate’s Jack Shafer looks at “Why nothing the press throws at Obama sticks.”

  • Ariana Huffington looks at how “The Media’s Obsession with Polls Leads to a Bad Case of Premature Pontification”

  • AJR reports, “As embattled news organizations try to safeguard their futures with intensely local coverage, there is often a wide gulf between journalists and the communities they cover.”

  • Huffington Post’s Eat The Press reports, “Why Won’t The Media Cover Edwards? Because They Don’t Have To Yet.”

  • Time’s Tuned In asks, “Commenters: Are You the Problem With Journalism?

  • Kevin Eckstrom, editor, Religion News Service, tells Romenesko “Religion News Service isn’t going under”. Also, Joan Connell online editor, The Nation, is “Mourning the passing of a journalism institution” in a letter to Romenesko.

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  • AARP is looking for a Vice President and Editor of AARP The Magazine.

  • Atlantic Media Company is looking for a Hotline Intern.

  • Restore Media, LLC is looking for an Advertising Salesperson (Online).

  • Spectrum Science Communications is looking for an Account Director.

  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America is seeking Business Writer/Editor for Magazine.

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