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Most of you read The Hotline every day. Yesterday’s photo of the bare backed Member of Congress was Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC). Prince of Petworth talks about Richard Cohen and tattoos. Apparently, the Chandra Levy series is doing well online. What journalist “wishes Bill Gertz Godspeed today”? Three years ago, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France. It’s the birthday of Pat Oliphant, Charlie Crist and Claire McCaskill. The guy Novak hit was an Obama supporter, apparently. A tipster tells asks us if that was Katharine Weymouth drinking with Dana Perino Tuesday night at BLT. RCA Luncheon with NBC’s Chuck Todd this Friday at noon in 2261 Rayburn. Chick-fil-A will be served. To RSVP, email Another tipster asks, “Was that Sam Donaldson in the alley behind ABC’s DeSales Street HQ trying to help a construction crew dislodge a saw blade from the pavement?!” More journos/flaks made an appearance at the Suspicious Package gig on Saturday including Nancy Trejos, Wash Post, Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg, Bay Fang, Chicago Tribune, David Wallace, Edelman, Kimberly Hefling, AP, Ken Thomas, AP and W. Taylor Griffin, McCain campaign. And proving that Chuck Todd is in fact everywhere, he will be chatting with Washington Times readers today at 11 a.m. Check it out here. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I graduated with a journalism degree from one of the top three j-schools in the country. I worked at the school paper, won awards and even bought a nice frame to hang my diploma in. Now I feel like burning it … studying journalist was a waste and now I’m on meds to keep from thinking about how I wasted a good education on pipe dreams of the first amendment. I hate journalism schools — they just send cattle to the slaughter house.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • The Gazette reports, “In the past two months almost 4,000 jobs have vanished at US newspapers. The lay offs — including many editorial positions — have ranged from the Honolulu Advertiser to the Hollywood Reporter to the Baltimore Sun. Even the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have not escaped. It’s been dubbed The Midsummer Massacre.”

  • E&P reports, “Politico is partnering with The Denver Post and the St. Paul Pioneer Press to cover the upcoming political conventions in their cities through an arrangement that puts the upstart political Web site on their front pages.”

  • PBS’s Media Shift reports, “Young Newspaper Journalists Could Flee Because of Slow Pace of Change”

  • The New York Times reports, “At the Tribune Company, the grumblers have found an outlet in a blog, Tell Zell, that lets them rip into Sam Zell, the Chicago real estate mogul who took Tribune private last year for $8.2 billion. The blog, set up in May, is mainly an encyclopedia of gripes about cutbacks at The Los Angeles Times, though other Tribune papers, like The Chicago Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun, get their turns. One scoop last week was an unconfirmed list of about 100 people leaving The Times, either through buyouts or layoffs.”

  • House Republicans Fire Off Letter To New York Times

  • A release announced, “Friends of New Orleans (FONO), a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita to aid the region, announced today that Roll Call Group will be the official media sponsor for the ‘New Orleans All-Star Jam-Balaya’ fundraisers at the national party conventions. As the leading newspaper on Capitol Hill, Roll Call’s involvement in the events will help FONO bring increased attention to the issues facing the area. FONO Co-founder and Chairman Gloria Dittus said, ‘Friends of New Orleans is thrilled that Roll Call Group is coming on board as the official media sponsor of the events. Their participation helps us to shine a light on the state of rebuilding efforts, especially the local ‘Heroes of the Storm,’ as well as call attention to the urgent need to restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.'”

  • E&P’s Greg Mitchell writes, “It started innocently enough, over coffee in a hotel lobby, with me (as usual at that hour) huddled over a newspaper — in print, not on a laptop, unlike everyone else in the vicinity. A little more than a day later, the front-page article I was reading, and getting worked up about, would be pulled from the paper’s Web site after a storm of protest. Now an editor’s note in the Tuesday paper, more or less apologizing, has been published. And I had at least a little something to do with it.”

  • Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert writes, “The AP has a Ron Fournier problem.”

  •’s Robert Niles writes, “The crash has been spectacular: Hundreds laid off from my local Los Angeles Times newsroom. Newspaper stocks plunging. Read Romenesko and each day it seems there is some new pundit wailing about a future without print journalism in this country. Why isn’t this infuriating me, too? The answer finally came to me this weekend, while attending a Pasadena Pops concert where my wife was playing in the violin section: I’m married to a classical musician. Professional musicians have been enduring this crap for generations. Journalism, in time, will learn to do the same.”

  • Variety’s Peter Bart tells us, “Why Big City Newspapers Should Survive”

  • The AP reports, “The New York Times Co. will increase the Monday-Saturday newsstand cost of its flagship paper by 25 cents to $1.50, the publisher said Wednesday.”

  • Slate’s Jack Shafer writes, “The bogus trend story thrives thanks to the journalists who never let the facts get in the way when they think they’ve discovered some new social tendency.”

  • Why the Press Is Ignoring the Edwards ‘Love Child’ Story

  • William Schmidt named top editor at IHT

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  • Howie Kurtz and Michael Shear on McCain’s interview on CBS.

  • When Should a TV Host Hat Tip?

  • TVNewser reports, “Guest Asks Greta Not to Ask ‘Stupid’ Questions”

  • Fox News, Fox Television Stations Group, NBC Universal Filing Joint Copyright Suit Against Redlasso

  • Buffalo News reports, “President Bush today signed a bill renaming part of Route 20A near Ralph Wilson Stadium after Tim Russert.”

  • TVNewser reports, “Olbermann Questions CBS Over Unaired McCain Gaffe'”

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  • Pew looks at blogging.

  • PoynterOnline’s Amy Gahran offers, “Tips for Live Social Media Coverage”

  • reports, “A leading UK media academic has warned broadcasters and national newspapers not to be fooled by ‘hype’ about the internet. Patrick Barwise, emeritus professor of management and marketing at the London Business School, defined as ‘Bollocks 2.0’ claims about the threat to traditional media from innovations such as social networking and internet television.”

  • The New York Observer reports, “Hillary’s Micro-Debt Leaks Out On Twitter”

  • reports, “How fast, and how treacherous, are the currents sweeping over The New York Times? This September, its home page — some of the most valuable real estate on the web — will start automatically displaying links to competitors’ takes on big news. That’s not your traditional paper of record.”

  • Variety reports, “Mark Cuban is slated to appear as an expert panelist for a field hearing that the Federal Communications Commission is holding on the future of broadband and the Internet.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Time Warner Inc.’s struggle to sell AOL is putting more pressure on the media company’s stock price as an advertising slowdown spreads to the Internet and the pool of potential buyers shrinks.”

  • The AP reports, “The popular online hangout Facebook is sporting a new look to reflect changes in how its members communicate with each other and how they share photos and updates about their lives. Central to the redesign, to be unveiled Monday, is an expanded Wall, the section of a member’s personal profile page where friends can leave comments and photos. People will now be able to add items more easily, and the Wall will incorporate reports on a user’s activities previously found on a user’s ‘Mini-Feed.'”

  • reports, “Facebook on Friday filed an intellectual property lawsuit against a German company that it has accused of running a ‘knock-off’ of the social networking website.”

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  • Philadelphia Weekly’s Tim Whitaker writes, “David Carr writes the media column that appears in the New York Times on Mondays. It’s a must-read if you’re in this business, and a good read if you’re not. Carr has also just written a book. It’s called The Night of the Gun. It’s got big-time buzz. An excerpt was showcased on the cover of The New York Times Magazine this past Sunday. The Night of the Gun chronicles Carr’s years as a drug user and dealer. He drank a whole lot and abused women, and that’s in there too. In this very dark memoir, Carr also runs us through his many arrests and stretches in rehab. I won’t give away the ending, or the middle either, except to say The Night of the Gun is unsettling from the jump, and the misery only worsens as you go.”

  • David Blum “investigates” David Carr’s “odd, ongoing obsession with the spud.”

  • The Star Tribune writes, “Minnesota’s David Carr, the media columnist for the NY Times, is sore over an article Howard Kurtz, media columnist for the Washington Post, wrote about Carr’s memoir ‘The Night of the Gun.'”

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  • Chicago Tribune reports, “Media’s guilt plays well for Obama and McCain”

  • Politico’s Ben Smith reports, “White House rules on Air Obama?”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Foreign press: All Obama, all the time”

  • FCC Commissioners Will Approve XM-Sirius Deal

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  • National Geographic Society is looking for a Writer/Editor Senior, Instructional Content.

  • Cato Institute is looking for a Web Technologies Assistant.

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