Morning Reading List 07.23.09

Fox News’ Wendell Goler, CBS’ Chip Reid, ABC’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Chuck Todd get ready to go on-air just before the President’s prime-time presser last night. Photo by Christina Bellantoni.

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AP: The New York Times Co. said Thursday its second-quarter profit climbed nearly 85 percent, as it cut costs aggressively to deal with a worsening decline in advertising. Its stock jumped in premarket trading.

Things got a little tense at a Metro press conference yesterday when Metro’s general manager had some criticism of WaPo‘s coverage. Get the scoop from WUSA here.


Who is America’s most trusted newscasted? Brian Williams? No. Charlie Gibson? No. Katie Couric? No. According to a Time poll, it is actually Jon Stewart.

“Birthers” are back in the news. TVNewser: CNN is separating itself from the radio commentary of one of its lead hosts, Lou Dobbs, who seemed to support the validity of thinking President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. A CNN spokesperson says: “On CNN, Lou is an independent reporter who covers stories that people are talking about.”

More on how cable’s been covering this story on TVNewser.

And The Daily Show‘s take on birthers- Stewart to Dobbs, “Do you even watch CNN?”

CNN’s “Black in America 2” went live in Times Square last evening.


Time’s cover story is a special report, “The Final Days of Bush and Cheney.”


Politico‘s Playbook fills us in on what White House spokesman Reid Cherlin got for his birthday- “Burton serenaded him with the Stevie Wonder version of ‘Happy Birthday’… Pfeiffer shined his shoes… Nick Shapiro added two of Reid’s fave movies to his Netflix queue. We made great progress on health care reform.”

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Politico: Ron Edmonds, the AP’s senior White House photographer, is leaving the news organization after 28 years, according to an email sent to colleagues. Edmonds, who’s highly regarded in the Washington bureau, wrote that he’s “had one of the most fantastic jobs in the world.”


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