Morning Reading List, 07.01.08

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Good morning Washington.

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145 years ago, the Battle of Gettysburg began. 21 years ago, a different battle began when President Reagan nominated Robert Bork to the Supreme Court (or how about 17 years ago, when George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas?)

Commenting on “WH Pool Reports: Silva Responds to McKinnon” post, reader “thefrontpage” writes, “Didn’t Nixon pave over the White House pool?” Len Downie talks with WBUR. Chat with Washington Times’ John Solomon today. From a pool report: “As the pool was ushered into the Oval Office, Bush stood in a doorway, smiling and watching the pool get settled. Chris Matthews is doing radio ads for the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators in Prince George’s County (wonder if his wife — Marriott’s Kathleen Matthews had something to do with that…). As ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz walked in, followed by American Urban Radio Networks’ correspondent April Ryan, Bush said ‘Here comes the talent.'” Most of you couldn’t care less about the new White House pool report policy. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “i love my job.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • A reader tells us, “JoAnn Grbach, a reporter and editor for more than 10 years at The Gazette in Montgomery County, leaves this week to join the world of government relations with the City of Rockville. She was the writer of the popular Bumper-to-Bumper traffic column for the past five years. A big loss, especially on the heels of head design guru Tom Madigan leaving in June for”

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  • The AP reports, “Newspapers, reeling from slumping ads, slash jobs”

  • Slate’s Melinda Henneberger writes, “How Sally Quinn Made Me a Better Catholic”

  • His Extreme-ness looks at, “The Things That Astound The Washington Post”

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  • Variety reports, “TV viewers’ average age hits 50”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports, “Fox News Channel correspondent James Rosen talks with the National Review Online about his new book, The Strong Man, with an interesting fact that you may not have known.” Find out what here.

  • AP’s David Bauder writes, “Political focus helps make MSNBC more competitive.”

  • Washington City Paper’s Angela Valdez wonders where the media critics have been on the Lara Logan “scandal.”

  • TVNewser asks, “Obama — Osama — Is No One Immune?”

  • Media Matters reports, “Fox’s Henneberg deceptively cropped Clark interview while claiming Clark ‘seemed to attack McCain’s military service'”

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  • Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum explores, “Which catchphrases should be ‘thrown under the bus’?”

  • National Journal’s Inside Washington reports, “The hyperorganized GOP has distributed Minnesota-related freebies to pressies who will attend its convention in St. Paul. The lunch-box-sized metal care package includes a Minnesota Wild hockey puck, Lake Wobegon peppermints, doubtful-tasting peanut butter from a local restaurant, and a golf ball from the Mall of America. We haven’t gotten squat from the Dems yet.”

  • Also, from Inside Washington, “Don’t expect much conservative blogging at the Democratic convention in Denver. Or liberal online punditry at the GOP show in St. Paul. So far, credentialed bloggers are mostly splitting along political lines–but this time around there will be far more of them. In 2004, a grand total of 42 bloggers attended the two conventions. This year, planners are expecting up to 200 citizen-journalists per event. ‘We have credentialed a pretty wide variety of blogs–some that are nonpartisan and others that have long Democratic activist histories,’ Democratic convention official Aaron Myers said. One blog, Bitch Ph.D., includes recipes, ‘Ultimate Bra Post,’ and ‘open marriage/boyfriend’ discussions. On the Republican side, Matt Burns, director of communications, said in an e-mail, ‘We are finalizing our decisions, but we anticipate there will be some left-leaning bloggers extended an invite to blog at our convention–and that is in addition to anyone The New York Times may be planning to send.'”

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  • “The Competitive Enterprise Institute offers a one-year fellowship in journalism, designed to give journalists the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the principles of free markets and limited government, with a focus on a self-proposed project on issues related to science or the environment.” The deadline to apply is July 18. “Only candidates with a strong interest in free market policies and CEI’s mission should apply. The fellowship begins on October 1 and runs through September 30 in Washington, DC.” For more info, click here.

  • Consumers’ CHECKBOOK is looking for a Public Relations Director.

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