Morning Reading List, 06.30.08

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Good morning Washington.

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Katie Wilmeth came up with the correct answer to Friday’s pic — Gaylord National Hotel. The Brody File is back from vacation. Another journo joins the Obama campaign. Congratulations to us: FishbowlDC has surpassed 12,000 posts since we launched. It’s Mike Tyson’s birthday. Mike Mukasey and Mike Pence debate a legislative shield for the press. Bye-bye Olssons. Wait: Was Gene Weingarten “fiddling around with history“?!? George Stephanopoulos tells you how to be a better voter (George will also drop some Greek — aka “Parakalo” — on his show if you tempt him). A reader tells us, “I just tried to buy my dad a copy of Big Russ and Me for Father’s Day (I know I’m a slacker) on Amazon and it was backordered until July 8.” Andrea Canning and Tony Bancroft get the NYTimes wedding treatment. It was two years ago that Ryan Lizza was named Washington Correspondent of The New Yorker and it was a year ago when the new WH Press Briefing Room was finished. Fran Coombs calls himself a “boomer extraordinaire” and Chris Cillizza raps. It was Erin McPike’s birthday on Saturday and on Sunday we found our new favorite Newseum “Be A Reporter” video. Would you like to buy a wedding gift for Sam Dealey and Justine Redman? 23/6 looks at what Richard Cohen, David Broder and David Brooks are like when alone with McCain. Viva Chuck Todd has the latest in the “Morning Joe Mug Scandal: Day Four — the denouement.” Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m so angry. I believe in journalism. All that corny, noble shit about providing a check on power, informing the public, giving a voice to the voiceless? I believe in it. But I’m too tired to be the one doing it anymore.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Washington Post readers tell the paper how to save the newspaper. And most of you like reading your newspaper(s) at home.

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  • This week’s classes include Intro to Fashion Writing, Beauty Writing and Editing: Intro and Intro to Magazine Writing.


  • Who’s Friday party was better: The New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks? Or Politico’s Patrick O’Connor? Mike Allen has a write-up from O’Connor’s:

      CHATTER: Is that Politico’s Patrick O’CONNOR – or John FOGERTY – belting out an impressive rendition of ‘Centerfield’ at Michael STEEL’s compound, in cowboy hat and shirt from the Wrangler shop in Cheyenne? (‘Put me in, coach — I’m ready to play — today.’) All the young Capitol Hill royalty turned out for Patrick’s 32nd (Observed), with a keeper photo of Ken SPAIN kibitzing with Jennifer CRIDER. Sarah FEINBERG, Kristie GRECO – Steel’s a uniter, not a divider. That’s Mark PAUSTENBACH slam-dancing to country karaoke, and Paul KANE showing up for a SECOND time, provoking chants of ‘P.K. – M.V.P.’ Meg LITTLE of Glover Park Group and Politico’s Dan REILLY – Generation Y’s Ben and Sally – stayed till latenight. Jonathan MARTIN cameoed, and ABC’s Sunlen Miller was luckily off the road. Jackie KUCINICH’s gift was a bottle of ‘Olde Irish 800.’ And two of these three facts are true: A bottle of Jameson makes a solid microphone (as do two Miller Lite cans, stacked) … Michael Steel reads inTouch magazine … National Review once had the cover line, ‘Buckley on Why Mike Steel Matters Now.’

  • Recovering Journalist reports, “This has been a particularly rough week for the newspaper industry, whose decline seems to be gathering speed.”

  • Wall Street Journal reports, “As the economic pressure on newspapers intensifies, the Associated Press, a 162-year-old newsgathering cooperative for the industry, is beginning to fracture.”

  • A reader tells us, “Roll Call regularly posts misleading time stamps on its web stories. Just check out the story on the Senate votes last night on the Medicare bill and the war supplemental. The time stamp is at 8:32, but the bill did not pass until almost 10pm. This is not unusual for them.”

  • Politico’s Ben Smith warns “Beware SquareBob”

  • E&P reports, “Study: Newspaper Sports Departments Mostly Male, White”

  • Huffington Post reports, “Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post Reporter: Obama ‘Much More White Than Black'”

  • New York Times’ Clark Hoyt asks, “Other Voices: Edgy Opinion, or Over the Edge?”

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell writes, “To err is human, and boy, did the humans err at The Post last week.”

  • 23/6 reports, “The Washington Post: views ranging from conservative to batshit crazy conservative”

  • Former Crack Addict High on Washington City Paper

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    <LI>Marci Alboher profiles Daryn Kagan in the Shifting Careers column.

  • Fox News Finds Its Rivals Closing In

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Fox News is poised to reclaim the title of the most-watched cable news network in the key advertising demographic in the second quarter of 2008.”

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  • Wall Street Journal reports, “Pundits are prized for making bold predictions, but they’re usually not held accountable for their forecasting accuracy. A news-prediction Web site is trying to change that with a pundit-tracking game, pitting the likes of MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews against technology blog TechCrunch and entertainment blogger Perez Hilton. While the idea is a good one, the execution is flawed.”

  • Gawker reports, “Barack Obama: More Popular Than Jesus, Angelina Jolie”

  • Washington City Paper’s Erik Wemple writes, “This morning a City Paper staffer walked into my office ridiculing this morning’s WaPo Metro feature about toenails. He said it looked like a lame story, typical empty daily feature fare. I’d read it at breakfast and liked it quite a bit. What I liked more than the story itself was the amazing photo presentation by Sarah L. Voisin. NEVER before has the front of Metro looked so inviting, mold-breaking, and all that other good stuff that design experts talk about at journalism conventions. Whereas the old and tired convention with a toenail-painting story would have been to take a shot or two of a woman getting the nails painted, Voisin, here, just took tons of pictures of painted toenails, and the layout people arranged them like a lei around the story text. It was stunningly good. But not on the Web, goddamnit!”

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  • The Washington Post reports, “Richard H. Freeman, 79, a retired publisher of trade magazines and former District resident, died June 24 of complications of lung cancer at Hospice of Visiting Nurse Service in Copley, Ohio. He had been a resident of Akron, Ohio, since 1998.”

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  • DCRTV reports, “Washington Post superstar sports columnist Tony Kornheiser (left) bid a low-key farewell to 3WT radio this morning, before leaving for his annual ‘Monday Night Football’ duties on ESPN. He also confirmed rumors that he’ll be returning to the Bonneville talker in January, after his ‘MNF’ seasonal chores are completed. Come Monday, the 3WT morning team of David Burd, Jessica Doyle, and Victoria Jones will expand into the 8 AM hour where Kornheiser had aired. Kornheiser sidekick Marc ‘Nigel’ Sterne will join them as in-studio producer. Stephanie Miller will take Korhneiser’s 9 AM hour, with Neal Boortz moving from evenings to Kornheiser’s re-play slot from 2 PM to 4 PM. Jerry Doyle will air in evenings…”

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  • “Robert Engelman will be discussing and signing his new book, More:
    Population, Nature, and What Women Want, and performing songs from or
    inspired by the book, at Busboys and Poets (the one at 2021 14th St.,
    N.W., at V Street in D.C.) this Monday, June 30, 6:30 to 8 p.m.” For more info, click here.

  • CJR looks at “Unity Day, the press, and Obama’s unstoppable campaign narrative”

  • David Corn writes, “Is it wrong for a journalist to be paid a modest fee by a state-supported media entity to provide on-air analysis or commentary? Is it unethical? A recent article by Dafna Linzer and Paul Kiel that was posted by ProPublica, the new nonprofit investigative reporting outfit, suggested that it is. And the article cited me as one of several media people in possible breach of journalistic ethics.”

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  • Environmental Defense Fund is looking for a Media Director, International Program.

  • American Association for Justice is seeking a Legal Communications Writer, an Assistant Editor and a Legal Content Editor.

  • Roll Call is looking for a Features Editor.

  • The Education Trust is looking for a Copy Editor/Writer.

  • The Warren Sentinel is seeking an Assistant Editor and an Experienced Reporter.

  • The Heritage Foundation is looking for a Web Project Manager and a Broadcast Technician.

  • National Public Relations Firm is looking for a Media Relations Specialist.

  • Need To Know News is looking for a Financial Reporter.

  • AAAS is looking for a Meeting Planner.

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