Morning Reading List, 06.29.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • It was a close call, but you thought Chris Matthews would be the sweaty one.

  • An NBC release announced, “NBC News has been awarded the 8th Annual RTNDA/Unity Award in the television network category for ‘Separate and Unequal, Reported by Tom Brokaw.'”

  • Ann Coulter takes a shot at “Hardball”

  • ABC News’ President David Westin named Vinnie Malhotra the new EP of ABC News’ Weekend News Content according to a release. Also, David Reiter “will be joining Vinnie at Weekend News as senior broadcast producer and will continue his work at ABC’s Special Events Unit with the new title of senior broadcast producer.”

  • CNN’s Pipeline signs off.

  • A NBC release announced, “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” was “the top rated Sunday morning public affairs program, placing first in all categories for the week ending Sunday, June 24.” On Sunday, the show attracted 3.230 million total viewers, 18% more than CBS’s “Face the Nation”, a 31% advantage over ABC “This Week” and a 243% lead over FOX’s “News Sunday”.

  • Merger plan leaves XM headquarters intact

  • SPJ has created a new website, Generation J, “a free, educational online resource designed specifically to fit the needs of young journalists.”

  • The Seattle Times reports that the Recording Industry Association of America has sent out warning letters to students from “about 100” universities about paying a $3,000 settlement to avoid a lawsuit for illegally downloading files.

  • Tom Shales on Larry King’s interview with Paris Hilton: “She didn’t exactly tell all, but then she wasn’t exactly asked all, either; King seemed to be playing more a grandfatherly than journalistic role as he gently questioned the infamous heiress.”

  • Bob Schieffer Sings Honky Tonk.”

  • Reuters reports, “YouTube, which has had to pull copyrighted videos off its site after legal attacks by some big media franchises, has enjoyed a surge in U.S. audience share that leaves it far larger than the next 64 video-sharing sites combined, a survey found.”

  • Washington Post reports, “AOL is blurring the lines of news with a makeover that gives its traditional news sites the look and feel of blogs, a shift that is part of its efforts to change from a subscription-based service to a free, advertising-based Web business.”

  • Romesesko answers the question, “Why WSJ reporters didn’t show up for work Thursday”

  • “Iraq has been the most closely followed news story in 18 of the 22 weeks that Pew has been tracking public attentiveness to the news,” according to the weekly News Interest Index.

  • Redding News Review reports, “A white supremacist leader is planning a rally outside the home of Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts.”

  • Multichannel reports, “Gemstar-TV Guide International will launch the TV Guide Online Video Awards, an annual awards franchise that will recognize the best and most innovative professional video programming created specifically for the Web.”

  • CNN is close to completing an overhaul of its website after publicly testing the new look.”

  • Last Call for 2007 Online Journalism Awards Entries

  • Cincinnati Enquier reports, “Allowing readers to contribute content online to a local newspaper gives them new chances to shape coverage and get community concerns into print. Newspapers hope it also lures new readers and advertisers to support an industry that is fighting for survival, leaders of The Enquirer said Tuesday at a forum hosted by the Northlich advertising agency.”

  • ‘Portfolio’ Website Struggling In Beta Until Fall

  • A reader writes about Wednesday’s Post, “today’s a-section of the washington post was interesting. when was the last time you saw a bob woodward bylined story on A-16 or whatever page number it was.”

  • Public Eye reports, “A tempest in the sweltering DC teapot has developed this past week with regards to an investigative report in the upcoming issue of Harper’s. Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Washington Editor, has a piece called ‘Their Men In Washington’ that is causing some consternation in the media circles … Or at least along those mediaphiles that aren’t obsessing over a certain former jailbird.”

  • Can you answer CQ’s Trivia Question?


  • Capitol Press LLC is looking for a Cornerstone Staff Reporter.

  • The News Leader is looking for a Local Government Beat Reporter for Web and Print and a Copy Editor.

  • America Abroad Media is looking for a Senior Program/Field Producer/Radio Documentary Series.

  • The Magazine Group is looking for a Managing Editor.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for a Schedules Researcher.

  • American Association for Justice is seeking a Writer in the Communications Department.

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