Morning Reading List, 06.14.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You have lofty hopes for your summer reading list.

  • Eric Boehlert points out “a whopping error” by the Washington Post’s Andrew Ferguson in his column about Al Gore’s new book, The Assault on Reason.

  • Slate is “taking the Gonzo-Meter down to zero.”

  • Matthews’ Son Debuts Video on His Dad’s Diabetes

  • TVNewser reports, “ABC Apologizes For Barry Video Mistake”

  • C-SPAN announced that Zach Chastain, Bryan Cink, and Ryan Kelly, “the grand prize winners in C-SPAN’s national ‘StudentCam’ competition, will have the television debut of their documentary ‘Jupiter or Bust: The El Sol Solution'” during Friday’s ‘Washington Journal’ at 9 a.m.

  • DC Style is launching a new text messaging service with “the latest social/fashion/nightlife information.” It was launched June 1 in Philadelphia and is coming to DC in July.

  • TVWeek reports, “Speaking to a standing-room-only crowd of marketers, branders and media executives from around the country, former President Bill Clinton challenged the press to ‘render complex messages to audiences without turning them into two-dimensional cartoons’ as the next election approaches. That challenge was issued to Promax/BDA attendees at the Hilton New York on Wednesday as the former president delivered the gathering’s keynote address.”

  • David Adler, C.E.O. and founder of BizBash Media, announced “that the company continues with its national expansion strategy by launching its sixth market with the debut of its Washington, D.C., web site.

  • The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation of the Society of Professional Journalists is accepting applications for the Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing.

  • Daryn Kagan’s new book, “What’s Possible! Creating Possibilities Beyond Life’s 5 Biggest Obstacles,” is going to be released in May ’08, to Lisa Berkowitz at Meredith Books, a division of the Meredith Corporation. The book “will feature original stories and reports about people whose experiences and challenges have inspired and affected change in the world.”

  • From Media Matters: “Ignoring Libby’s early obstruction, Broder attacked Fitzgerald for ‘relentlessly’ pursuing Libby.”

  • E&P reports that The Wall Street Journal “announced major changes in its editorial structure ‘that is aimed at better positioning the Journal to benefit from the profound changes sweeping the news business,’ it said in a release.”

  • “Politico is conducting an independent staw poll, administered by Stan Greenberg, at the Campaign for America’s Future’s ‘Take Back America’ conference next week.”

  • Former CNNer Bob Franken has become one of the Hill newspaper’s “Pundit Bloggers” and you can check out his website.

  • “CAIR Accuses Washington Times of ‘Agenda-Driven Reporting'”

  • Check out Poynter Online’s special series focused on radio writing.

  • Variety reports, “In his bid to win approval of the merger of radio satcasters Sirius and XM, Sirius topper Mel Karmazin has proposed several possible pricing structures for the combined company in his informal talks with the Federal Communications Commission.”

  • Washington Times’ Christina Bellantoni has moved off the Hill beat to cover White House ’08 full time.

  • “A new study out from the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda measures just how candid media are about what they do and how they do it.”

  • The New York Observer has the details on “Josh Marshall’s Optimistic Leap to Web TV”


  • American Society of Landscape Architects is looking for a Manager, Professional Practice Programs.

  • Children’s National Medical Center is looking for a Interactive Communications Specialist.

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext