Morning Reading List, 06.01.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You think tanning is not so much sexy, but cancer causing.

  • The Association of Health Care Journalists launched a new website.

  • Check out Norah O’Donnell on the forthcoming cover of Pregnancy magazine.

  • NPR Joins Appeal of Online Music Royalties

  • A reader tell us, “please note that the white house transcript referred to ‘Mr. Thomas.’ did helen get a sex change?”

  •’s Beta Site Is Online

  • SPECIAL REPORT: As Cuts Trim News Pages and Newsrooms — What Gets Lost?

  • We hear that hardly any Politico’ers went to their own party at Lounge 201 Wednesday night.

  • This year’s BookExpo speech by Alan Greenspan “is off-limits to recording devices. Instead, the Maestro will speak directly to booksellers and publishing types — aided by an onstage Q&A conducted by his wife, NBC newswoman Andrea Mitchell.”

    <LI>”The Kaiser Media Fellowships in Health

  • A CNN release announced that for the network’s New Hampshire debates the first hour will have the “candidates address questions from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, WMUR-TV political director Scott Spradling and New Hampshire Union Leader State House bureau chief Tom Fahey. In the second hour, candidates move from behind their lecterns to the front of the stage to field queries directly from an audience of more than 100 undecided registered voters.”

  • Are there no more standards in journalism?

  • Cox Newspapers reports, “While President Bush is in Europe next week for G8 meetings and several other stops, Press Secretary Tony Snow will remain stateside to talk to conservatives about the immigration bill backed by the president. Snow said his exact schedule remains a work in progress, but he will head out from Washington to speak at several events and on radio shows around the country.”

  • Luxury mags: So hot right now.

  • “The editors of Poynter Online have asked the Tidbits team to publish a series of posts exploring each of the winning projects and ideas” from the Knight News Challenge. “We’ll focus on what’s journalistically new or different about each project, how the grantees are getting started, why they think they were selected, likely opportunities and pitfalls — and questions that the grantees have for you, Tidbits readers!”

  • Eric Boehlert writes, “Isn’t former New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth writing the definitive book about Hillary Clinton sort of like Judith Miller deciding to write the definitive book about Iraq’s WMDs? It just doesn’t add up.”

  • “Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham graces the cover of Capitol File this season and confesses that she was thisclose to beating everyone’s favorite Hardballer on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ of all things. ‘I almost beat Chris Matthews on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy.’ He took me in the end, but I came close. He got me on opera; he knows everything about opera.'”

  • Book TV on C-SPAN2 announced today live coverage of BookExpo America starting at 8 a.m. ET on Saturday. C-SPAN also announced plans to air two, live “Road to the White House” events from Des Moines, Iowa starting today at 3:30 pm with an hour-long town hall with Sen. John McCain and employees at the Des Moines-based Nationwide Insurance Company.

  • The Bivings Report’s Steve Petersen has the details on Wednesday night’s journalism workshop at the Cleveland Park Library where “Nationally known writer and photographer Bill Adler and former MSNBC chief Washington correspondent turned freelance multimedia journalist Brock Meeks pitched the citizen driven hyper local news site NowPublic to attendees.”

  • A reader writes, “The pole-vaulter story ran the day after a holiday. The only surprise is that anybody would be surprised that the bar is lower for A1 stories the day-after a slow news day.”

  • PRWeek reports, “FAIR faces proposition of critiquing mainstream media, while also seeking coverage in such outlets.”


  • The Townsend Group is looking for a National Sales Manager.

  • National PR firm is looking for a Senior Account Executive/Account Manager.

  • Island Press is looking for a E-Content Editor.

  • Home Front Communications is looking for a Media Relations Specialist.

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