Morning Reading List, 05.12.08

Good morning Washington. It’s Jonathan Kaplan’s birthday. Forty years ago, Rev. Abernathy led the March of Poor to Washington, D.C. Tony Hawk, Katherine Hepburn and Yogi Berra celebrate birthdays (Hat Tip: MicCheckRadio). As TVNewser tells us, you may have seen Chris Matthews delivering a commencement address this weekend at Old Dominion or Cokie Roberts at Miami of Ohio.

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  • You do not try to watch Saturday Night Live each week.

  • Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m not angry, but I am done. All my journalism friends commend me for getting out of the print side and finding good footing on the Web side. But I realized this week that, I am no longer a journalist. What I do now is not journalism. It’s not. So newspapers are dying and what’s left is…what? Sigh.”

  • This week’s classes include Intro to Travel Writing, The Whole Freelancer, Intro to Fashion Careers and Copywriting: Mastering Ad Writing.


  • The Chicago Tribune reports, “Tribune Co. reported a big first-quarter profit, thanks to a mammoth tax gain the Chicago media concern recorded in connection with the leveraged buyout by which it went private at the end of 2007. Without that artificial boost from the tax change, the company swung to a loss, as interest payments soared to service Tribune’s heavy load of buyout-related debt.”

  • Media Daily News reports, “Amid all the dire talk of falling revenues at big newspaper publishers, some good news gets lost: Many smaller operations are doing quite nicely — even during an economic downturn. Above all, smaller newspapers are benefiting from their still-unchallenged ability to deliver local audiences for local advertisers.”

  • BET’s Debra Lee disses the WaPo.
  • More details on Yahoo/Politico’s online interview with President Bush tomorrow.

  • TNR’s Gabriel Sherman asks, “Does Murdoch know what he’s doing to the ‘Journal’?”

  • USAToday reports, “A federal appeals court on Friday seemed open to allowing a former USA TODAY reporter to protect the identities of sources who named former Army scientist Steven Hatfill as a possible suspect in the 2001 terrorist attacks that killed five people.”

  • Deb Howell on “A Shaky Performance on Corrections.”

  • Poynter Online has the release that announced,David Bradley, chairman of Atlantic Media Company, announced Loretta Tofani the 2008 recipient of the Michael Kelly Award at a ceremony Thursday night in Washington. She was honored for her series on unsafe working conditions in China written for The Salt Lake Tribune.”

  • In a speech to Northwest International Circulation Executives, Tim J. McGuire says, “Newspaper circulation leaders need to make their own sandwiches”

  • Clark Hoyt on “Information That Doesn’t Come Freely.”

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  • McAuliffe says Russert’s dad is dead

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports, “A 24-year-old Fox News Channel production assistant was fired this morning for something she said during the red carpet arrivals at the Time 100 Gala last night. Insiders tell us the assistant, identified as Jennifer Locke, was on assignment with a camera crew to cover the entertainment angle of the event. When Sen. John McCain walked by, the assistant said, ‘I voted for you in the primary, you’re going to win.'”

  • B&C reports, “CBS News almost had its own “Dewey Beats Truman” moment during the Indiana primary Tuesday night. The network went out on a considerable limb, calling Indiana for Hillary Clinton a few minutes after 8 p.m. Evening News anchor Katie Couric delivered the prediction during the opening minutes of NCIS. But as the night wore on and more precincts reported in Barack Obama’s favor, Clinton’s lead became decidedly thin. The on-screen graphics at CNN, MSNBC and Fox News declared the contest ‘too close to call.'”

  • Dallas News reported on Friday, “Veteran CBS newsman Bob Schieffer has left the University of Texas at Arlington administration thunderstruck. Tonight, the broadcaster will give the keynote address at the graduation celebration in Maverick Stadium. And he’ll do it for free.”

  • On pundits’ declaration that the race for the Democratic nominee is over, Slate’s Jack Shafer writes, “Were the latest election returns so conclusive that the TV correspondents couldn’t have arrived at the same conclusion days or weeks ago? It’s not as if Obama’s landslide in North Carolina and Clinton’s Indiana squeaker sent a flood of superdelegates to the game-ending, presumptive, and indisputably victorious Obama.”

  • TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer answers the questions, “NYT on the Tube: How’d it Go?”

  • PBS’s Michael Getler writes, “If you are a devoted viewer of PBS, it was hard to miss endless shots of Navy jets taking off and landing on the deck of the USS Nimitz last week, part of a highly-promoted and, indeed, tantalizing series called “Carrier.” It filled 10 prime-time hours; two hours a night from Sunday through Thursday. It stirred lots of viewers to write to our office with their reactions.”

  • Huffington Post reports, “NBC Universal President & CEO Jeff Zucker leaving the Upper East Side apartment of his once — and future? — network star, Katie Couric.”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports,Lanny Davis on CNN primary night: ‘Worst experience I ever had on television'”

  • Media Matters reports, “In an audio recording of an April 18, 2006, Pentagon meeting attended by several media military analysts, one of the attendees tells then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that he would ‘personally love’ for Rumsfeld ‘to take the offensive, to just go out there and just crush these people so that when we go on, we’re — forgive me — we’re parroting, but it’s what has to be said. It’s what we believe in, or we would not be saying it.’ He adds: ‘And we’d love to be following our leader, as indeed you are. You are the leader. You are our guy.’ Will media outlets try to determine if they have hosted the speaker?”

  • That Pundit on Fox News? An Upstart Named Rove

  • Variety reports,Al Gore launches Italian Current TV”

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  • Red Herring reports, “Old media is still having trouble dealing with the new era. That was the strongest message at the Argyle Executive Forum on Leadership in Media in New York Wednesday. A stellar group of media executives mostly associated with ‘old media’ lamented the end of the days of fat profits and the lack of a clear new business model in the age of the Internet.”

  • Wall Street Journal’s Buzzwatch reports, “If you want to understand how citizen journalists armed with cellphones are going to change the world — and create challenges and opportunities for businesses — spend a few minutes at What you’ll find there: Live updates from ordinary people walking around Disney World, using their cellphones to share their experiences with anyone who cares to take notice. As journalism goes, it’s not the Watergate break-in, or even liveblogging from a campaign event. But for some people it is, as the saying goes, news you can use — and that makes it an idea worth understanding.”

  • features, “Everything I Hate About Myself I See in Hillary,” by Judy Bachrach

  • NewsBusters reports, “CNN’s Blitzer to Huffington: ‘I Read Your Blog on HuffPost All the Time'”

  • Reuters reports, “Google Inc expects to launch new products for its YouTube Web video service in the next few months and sees reason for closer cooperation with Yahoo Inc, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said on Thursday.”

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  • The New York Observer reports, “Media Mob got an e-mail a few minutes ago from a publicist at Simon & Schuster informing us, in the subject line, that ‘Facebook is subject of new S&S acquisition.’ Holy cow, we thought! Mark Zuckerburg finally agreed to sell? To Simon & Schuster? They’ve had a pretty good year, sure, but what would a publishing house want with Facebook? Maybe someone up high thought they were really buying a book? Turns out Simon actually just acquired a book about Facebook. Not nearly as exciting but still: David Kirkpatrick from Fortune is writing it, it’s called The Facebook Effect, and Zuckerburg has agreed to cooperate.”

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  • The New York Post reports, “The hottest spot in town on the media scene was the Time 100 party last night at Jazz at Lincoln Center to honor the 100 people that the weekly magazine deems to be the world’s most influential. Somewhere between 30 and 40 honorees were expected to be on hand for last night’s event, which meant that the majority of those who were named the world’s most influential — such as Mayor Bloomberg — didn’t attend the black-tie bash.”

  • FishbowlNY has “The Time 100: The Photo Evidence” and “The Time 100: A Whole Lot of Celebrities Packed Into One Room

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  • American Lung Association is looking for a Director, Media Relations.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for a Vice President, Advertising.

  • FOX Business Network is looking for an Assignment Editor/Producer-Fox Business Network.

  • KaBOOM! is looking for a Marketing Manager.

  • RTC Relationship Marketing is looking for a Quality Control Manager — Direct Marketing Agency.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for a Managing Editor.

  • Martinsville Bulletin is looking for a Copy Editor and a Reporter.

  • The Gazette/Comprint Military is looking for a Reporter.

  • Virginian-Pilot Interactive Media is looking for an Online News Producer.

  • Army Times Publishing Company is looking for a Reporter to cover Federal Government and a hard-nosed staff writer to cover variety of Air Force Operations.

  • Hampton Roads Magazine is seeking an Assistant Editor for Regional Lifestyle Magazine.

  • Chronicle of Higher Education is looking for an Editorial intern.

  • A Premier Luxury Magazine is looking for Sales Executives.

  • Jesuit Conference USA is looking for a Media Relations Manager.

  • Science Magazine, published by AAAS, is looking for Science Online Site Licensing Sales, East Coast.

  • A Premier Luxury Magazine is looking for a Graphic Designer.

  • A Premier Luxury Magazine is looking for an Editorial Assistant.

  • AAAS is looking for an Art Director.

  • amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research is looking for a
    Policy and Communications Associate.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for an Assistant Documents Editor.

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