Morning Reading List, 04.19.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Potbelly — Oh so good. All melty and toasty (and cheap), it is your favorite lunch spot.

  • Shales: “NBC Broadcasts An Eerie Epilogue

  • ASIS International is looking for an Editor/Reporter for Security Management Magazine.

  • The Media Research Center, a conservative business and media watchdog, is looking for a Staff Writer.

  • The Times Community Newspapers is looking for a Reporter.

  • Southern Virginia a.m. is looking for a Sports Editor.

  • The Baltimore Sun is looking for a sports web producer.

  • The Project on Government Oversight is looking for an Investigator.

  • WAMU is seeking an “Ace Reporter.”

  • A Chicago-based Internet financial news service is looking for a Capital Markets Reporter in D.C.

  • Telesur is looking for a General Assignment Reporter/Producer (Spanish-English).

  • In one tipsters opinion, “russert looks like kidnapper Micheal Devlin much more than your choices!!!!”

  • Media Life reports, “While young people, the 13-to-24 set, do in fact spend more time than older people on the internet and with even newer media such as text messaging, it’s not at the expense of traditional media. Rather it comes on top of it, according to a new study by Deloitte & Touche, the management consulting firm.”

  • One reader weighs in on the Post-condom debate: “I think the Post Points look more like little blue diaphragms (which gives an indication of how old I am!!)”

  • Readers are up in arms over yesterday’s cartoon in Roll Call. Some of the comments we received:

    • “I found today’s editorial cartoon in Roll Call to be insensitive, appalling, and downright disrespectful to those grieving over Monday’s horrific events. Perhaps because I am a May ’06 graduate of VT, or perhaps just because I’m an emphatic human being (as I know that most people are in the wake of this tragedy), I think the decision to run this cartoon was utterly tasteless. Shame on you, Roll Call.”

    • “I guess the cartoonist at Roll Call didn’t know anyone at VT. Glad to see they are able to make light of a harrowing, tragic situation.”

    • “In an already overly-desensitized world, Roll Call’s cartoon today pushed things over the top. Have some tact.”

    • “The RJ Matson cartoon in Roll Call today is disgraceful. RJ should be ashamed and what the hell was Roll Call thinking putting that in their paper? Truly just pathetic!”

  • USA Today reports, “AOL boss predicts it will be No. 1 site on the Internet again.”

  • His Extremeness calls Rich Little, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

  • Pew’s weekly News Interest Index shows, “Americans, both black and white, generally agree with the punishment radio host Don Imus received for the racist and sexist remarks he made about the Rutgers University’s women basketball team. Nonetheless, there are substantial racial differences in views of Imus’s punishment, and an even bigger gap in opinions about news media’s coverage of the story.”

  • Chronicle of Higher Education’s Robin Wilson had a near Wolf experience in her hotel’s fitness center in Blacksburg, Va.

  • Michael Getler explains PBS’s role in the ousting of Imus.

  • Reuters reports, “Tribune Co. will have to mount some persuasive arguments why regulators should allow real estate mogul Sam Zell to take the media company private, Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps said on Tuesday.”

  • A reader of The Volokh Conspiracy offers a case for press restrictions.

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