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Its day 65 covering the Obama administration and week eight for us. Happy Birthday to TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer! What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning…



Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced a bill yesterday to save newspapers. The legislation would allow newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofilts with a variety of tax breaks. A Cardin spokesman tells Reuters the bill had yet to attract any co-sponsors, but had sparked plenty of interest within the media, which has seen plunging revenues and many journalist layoffs.

The Chicago Tribune and LATimes are combining their international reporting operations as their corporate parent tries to save money while reorganizing in bankruptcy court. The international cooperative, to be based in Los Angeles, will serve all newspapers owned by the Tribune Co.

A “historic” memo from managing editor Robert Thomson to WSJ has left some feathers ruffled, according to Portfolio.


Howard Kurtz on the President’s presser, Mr. Cool, Budget-in-Chief: “Obama generally spun long paragraphs, in that even-keeled way of his, rather than delivering a Reaganesque or Clintonesque one-liner that can deflect or defuse a question. Only once did he deliver a sharp rejoinder, when Henry pressed him on why it took him days to express outrage about the AIG bonuses. ‘I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak,’ the president said.”

WaPo’s Tom Shales’ review here. “Most of the facets of President Obama’s personality that have made him intensely popular were on display last night during his second prime-time news conference, and so he emerged from it still every inch ‘President Wonderful,’ a itt were, untouched and intact.”

Playbook notes Ezra Klein: “Some press corps. I managed to miss it, but the transcript suggests that there wasn’t A SINGLE QUESTION about the massive plan to risk a trillion dollars in taxpayer money to save the banking system. But The Washington Times managed to ask about stem cells. WTF, press?” Also check out Playbook for a “speed read” on the presser.

President Obama delivers– ratings for CBS’ 60 Minutes. Steve Kroft’s interview this Sunday drew 17.04 million Total Viewers, 60’s best ratings of 2009.

Will CNN launch a wire service this year? At a National Press Club event this week, CNN President Jon Klein said the networks has been talking to newspaper editors and tv and radio owners and that they’re “seeing some early interest.”

Larry Kudlow announced on CNBC yesterday evening that he is not running for US Senate. From HuffPost: “It was a flattering conversation and one that I thought about, but to me it was never really a serious proposition… This evening, I’m letting the world know that I am not running for the US Senate, and here’s why: in my heart I know that I belong right here at CNBC… This is my love.”

More from the NY Observer on MSNBC’s latest hire, Ed Shultz here.

Politico caught up with CSPAN founder and CEO Brian Lamb, who just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the network. He Topics of discussion: the thin skin of journalists, his pessimism that cameras will be let into the Gridiron Dinner and the Supreme Court and CSPAN’s potention. Listen here.


DCRTV: The weekly audience for WAMU’s Diane Rehm show, distributed nationally by NPR, grew 28 percent over the past year, to 2.2 million in fall 2008, setting a new record audience for the fifth consecutive national survey. “Listener participation has been such an important part of the show’s growth and success. It’s very gratifying to know the program is touching so many people,” Rehm says.


Andrew Breitbart has been Matt Drudge’s little helper for more than a decade. But he’s told people that he’s no longer doing regular shifts at the Drudge Report, and hasn’t been for nine months or so. Who are editors going to go to for links now? And can Drudge really do it all by himself?

Looks like HuffPo is getting ready for more additions. Take a look at this job listing from our jobs page: “Looking for web editors with expertise in the following areas: sports; technology and gadgets; and books. Each editor will create and manage one of three new sections — Sports, Technology & Gadgets, and Books — being launched on The Huffington Post ( — “The Internet Newspaper.” Editors will develop “destination” pages by overseeing news and a subject-specific group blog.


From Politico, Obama seeks filter-free news: “At a time when his Washington honeymoon is turning into a hazing, President Barack Obama and his team are launched on a strategy to sail above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media… But those moves are only part of a much larger strategy aimed at communicating directly with audiences the White House believes are more sympathetic to the president’s agenda – and one in which much of the work is being done by Obama’s top advisers.”

Full circle: the Times-Picayune reports that the TSA has cleared Senator David Vitter (R-LA) on the aforementioned airport gate incident.

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