Morning Reading List 03.10.09

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Its day 50 covering the Obama administration and week six for us. Today is TVNewser’s Summit in NYC. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Media Matters takes a look at the NYT’s interview with President Obama here. “But now I’m not so sure Obama wasn’t right to ignore the Times. Not after its third question put to him last week: ‘Are you a socialists, as some people have said?'” Greg Sargent at blog The Plum Line actually challenged NYT reporter Peter Baker’s socialist question and got this response.

WaPo Metro columnist John Kelly imagines America’s last two journalists flipping a coin for the last good assignment.

In “United, Newspapers May Stand,” David Carr suggests “a rump caucus could form where the newspaper industry would decide to hold hands and jump off the following cliffs together on the following actions,” no more free content, no more free ride to aggregators, no more commoditized ads and throw out the Newspaper Preservation Act.

NYT has raised $225 million through the sale and leaseback of part of its headquarters building.

In local news, a DC councilmember, Harry Thomas, threatens to squash a tiny paper, the Brookland Heartbeat.


CNBC thrives on the attitude and personalities of its hosts, from NYT’s Brian Stelter. “Whether the attention is positive or negative, it is certain that this tumultuous financial season is CNBC’s reason for being. One month shy of its 20th anniversary, CNBC is being jokingly called ‘the recession network’ within the halls of its headquarters in New Jersey.”

More on NBC, NYT takes a look at the networks first placed programming here.


Some pre-Summit Twitter chatter from today’s panelists Tammy Haddad, Rick Klein, Jim Long, Rachel Sterne and Michael Meyers on TVNewser.


First Lady Michelle Obama graces the cover of The New Yorker.


A look at “How Obama plays the pundits” from Politico. “But the White House knows that what gets written in Washington and New York filters out into the country- and that it needs support from those who are most likely to get their news from the inside-the-Beltway press, members of Congress, policy wonks and, of course, other journalists.”

“Ever wondered what would happen if a hapless reporter from The New York Times attempted to interview Ann Coulter, the writer, columnist and conservative firebrand?” HERE’S YOUR ANSWER.

More on Coulter from Meghan McCain on the Daily Beast, “My Beef with Ann Coulter.”


National Geographic is looking for a manager of strategic development.

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