Morning Reading List 03.06.09

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Its day 46 covering the Obama administration and one month down for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Friday morning…



Rep. Frank Wolf called for a NYT reporter at a hearing on the Hill yesterday to explain why with everything going on, they ran a story on President Obama’s graying hair on page 1. From Washington Whispers, “‘The New York Times has a front-page story today on the fact that Barack Obama’s hair is turning gray, and the chairman is having a great hearing with great witnesses and they have never even covered this,’ Republican Wolf barked. ‘Do we wonder why our factories are empty and we’re in a period of decay on this issue? I think the media, quite frankly, whoever is with the New York Times, you just aren’t doing your job.'”

From the Denver Post, “‘Individuated’ news tested,” in a MediaNews Group trial run, readers will pick the daily information sent to them. They call it the “newspaper of the not-too-distant future.”


From the AP’s David Bauder, “Obama administration goes after cable chatter.”

In the same week we learned MSNBC’s Chris Matthews doesn’t know who D.L. Hughley is, CNN cancels the show. TVNewser reports first the show will end its run at the end of this month and the decision was Hughley’s.


More on Rush Limbaugh vs. Team Obama in Howard Kurtz’ Media Notes today, “Healthy Debate.”

From DCRTV: “Paul Harvey substitute hosts Gil Gross and Doug Limerick will be replacing the radio veteran, who died Saturday. Gross will handle the 8:30 morning report, the 15-minute midday report, and the Saturday midday show. Limerick will do the afternoon report and Saturday morning edition. Harvey’s show airs locally on WMAL.”


Sources tell Folio: Martin Peretz, editor-in-chief and former longtime part owner of Washington, D.C.-based The New Republic, is in negotiations to reacquire the assets of the magazine from CanWest Global Communications.

The Daily Beast asks, “Is the New Republic a Toxic Asset?



What is it like to travel inside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press bubble? Find out here. “… The dozen Washington-based journalists who follow her wherever she goes complained that they’d been frozen out of the behind-the-scenes details just as abruptly as the stymied motorists forced to watch her drive by under the baleful stares of red-bereted Palestinian soldiers toting AK-47s… one correspondent for a prominent East Coast daily whined that he felt ‘like we’re the traveling Russian press.'”

Check out, a blog by former presidential speechwriters.


Women in Film & Video has a job fair this weekend.

Looking for a freelance writing gig? Check this out.

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