Morning Reading List 03.04.09

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Its day 44 covering the Obama administration and one month down for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



In an attempt to reach more readers, the WSJ is expanding its sports coverage. The paper started printing a daily sports page yesterday.

Regarding the economy, the Examiner asks, “Heard the news? Reporters think the time for panic is now.” “When one’s inbox is peppered with e-mails announcing colleagues’ layoffs and buyouts, reporting on a political or economic story is more than just hammering out some copy. It’s an effort for survival.”

Q&A with Bob Woodward in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Answering a question on the future of newspapers, Woodward chanels Ben Bradlee, “I recall a couple of months ago having lunch with my old editor at the Post, Ben Bradlee; we were discussing this. He said quite emphatically, and this is the great editor of the last century, ‘obviously there will be fewer newspapers.’ They will be delivered differently, but he believes passionately that there will remain a group of journalists whose job it is to tell what they believe the truth to be. Obviously we are going through a convulsion. Probably we in the newspaper business have not responded fast enough or smart enough, but the need for information is greater. Not just the quick and dirty take of the Internet or bloggers, but people really digging into things and doing the long form.”


We told you earlier this week about American freelance reporter Roxana Saberi, who is being detained in Iran. ABC’s Martha Raddatz writes about her own experiences with the Iranian government’s attitudes about “gathering news illegally” here.

On a lighter note, is CNN’s John Roberts is single and ready to mingle?

From DCRTV: Longtime DC TV news anchor Maureen Bunyan will step down from her duties on Channel 7/WJLA’s 11 PM newscast. She will continue to co-anchor the 6 PM newscast with longtime colleague Gordon Peterson, and will serve as substitute anchor on 7’s 5 PM and 11 PM newscasts. Leon Harris will anchor the 11 PM newscast.


More on Rush Limbaugh from Howard Kurtz in today’s Media Notes. “For weeks now, El Rushbo has been riding a publicity wave, fueled by an unerring sense of showmanship and his bald-faced declaration that he wants President Obama to fail. The media, finding Limbaugh far more fascinating than Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, have staged endless debates over whether the radio talk show host is the new leader of the Republican Party. The conventional strategy in such cases is for the administration in power to avoid talking about a mere radio critic. That would elevate him to the level of the president. Which, it turns out, is exactly what the Obama team wants.”


Politico takes on “How media sucks up to the White House.” In this piece, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter calls the “beat sweetener” a “tribal custom” among the press corps.

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