Morning Reading List, 02.07.08

Good morning Washington. Ashton Kutcher turns 30 today!

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  • On Tuesday night, most of you watched NBC/MSNBC.


  • An Industry Imperiled by Falling Profits and Shrinking Ads

  • Poynter Online’s Steve Klein reports, “Focus groups are not uncommon in the media. Newspapers, for instance, need to be asking readers what they want. It’s one thing to play the traditional gatekeeper role in news coverage — but ignoring reader input and interaction is a formula for disaster in the first decade of the 21st century. Still, I was intrigued by this item somewhat buried on page 2 of the Washington Post’s always interesting Health section (even though I doubt I am their target demographic). In a little two-item feature called ‘Tell Us About …’, the Post asked for the following input about ‘Your Paper’: ‘What’s your dream version of the Post’s print edition? What would compel you to pick it up every day and keep you from putting it down? A Post readership committee is soliciting ideas from women [oops, not me!] ages 18 to 49 with children younger than 18 at home.'”

  • Think the media is biased? Head to the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award cermeony tonight at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

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  • A Confused Sam Donaldson Chats With Perez Hilton

  • Broken Fox Boycott Leaves Dems Looking Dumb”

  • Networks run a heated campaign for viewers

  • Retirement Living Television to Rent Some ABC News D.C. Space

  • Broadcast Nets Fizzle With Election Coverage

  • John Zogby “After Super Tuesday

  • The press seethes over Bill Clinton, shrugs at George Bush

  • CNN’s Cautious Projections

  • Record Number Watch Super Tuesday on Cable. CNN Comes In First

  • 23/6 points out that Bill Hemmer has the “awesomest electoral map ever”

  • Boston Globe reports, “It was an election night with as many moving parts as there were moving graphics on a Fox News Channel screen. Indeed, the best metaphor for Super Tuesday coverage last night was probably that Fox ticker, filled with so many measures of counting – raw totals, percentages, delegate counts — that it threatened to overtake the screen and cover the analysts’ heads.”

  • CNN Upsets Fox News For Ratings Win In Most-Watched Super Tuesday Ever

  • The New York Observer takes a look at the process behind Chris Matthews.

  • The New York Times reports, “On the biggest day of nominating contests ever, in the most exciting and closely watched election in years, television had to hold back. It was almost a painful sight: at times, anchors and commentators on Tuesday looked a little like children on Halloween who, after getting sick on candy one year, were forced to surrender their loot the next.”

  • Baltimore Sun reports, “Network and cable TV channels amped up the star power last night as presidential politics took over prime time. But in this age of rapidly expanding media, the news operations that did best were the ones that emphasized information and technology over personality.”

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  • AOL’s online advertising acquisitions: Small and strategic

  • Time Warner may shed AOL unit and cable

  • USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review reports, “Imagine a place where journalists could pitch stories as soon as they hit ‘save.’ Where editors could snap them up just as quickly for printing in tomorrow’s paper. Imagine a reporting network built on trust, where both editors and journalists could accrete bodies of work tagged with endorsements and feedback. Is an eBay of news viable? And ultimately, will it deliver news to readers more quickly and more cheaply? A pair of young entrepreneurs — she’s a graduating Berkeley journalism school student and he’s a former engineer for Amazon — have combined expertises to create one such vehicle:”

  • Poynter Online reports, “Fox News Chicago picked a heck of a day to launch its cool news Web site As the site launched, snowstorms and other severe weather threatened several parts of the country, Super Tuesday news was starting to come in, and the Dow dropped 300 points. And you could watch video of all that on one site.”

  • For those of you that caught Sarah Silverman’s YouTube video where she claims, “I’m f*cking Matt Damon”, well she hints that Snapple may have had something to do with this. Anyway, Snapple, feeling bad about their role in this sordid affair, sent a letter to Silverman’s boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel: “Heard that you found out about Sarah f*cking Matt Damon. Sorry you had to find out that way and that my sublime flavor blinded you to Sarah’s philandering ways. In an attempt to console you, here’s a whole lotta me for you to enjoy. Hopefully it will numb the pain. In fact, if your viewers want to share their girlfriend/boyfriend is f*cking someone else story on air, they can have a case of me too… Anyway, keep your spirits up. It’s not like she was f*cking Ben Affleck or anything. Now that would have been embarrassing.”

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  • Agra Informa Inc. is looking for an Editor in Chief.

  • Inside Higher Ed is looking for a Higher Education Reporter.

  • Express/The Washington Post Co. is looking for an Assistant Art Director.

  • Bisnow on Business is looking for mobile journalists.

  • Stars and Stripes is looking for a Supervisory Archivist.

  • American University School of Communication is offering an Investigative Journalism Fellowship.

  • The Associated Press is looking for an APTN-Newsperson.

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