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John Roberts is 54. Keith Olbermann is 50. Today’s birthdays are Howard Mortman, Holly Bailey, Nick Swezey and Jamal Ware. And Happy Birthday to recent birthdays Annie Groer, Adam Kovacevich and Mary Lynn Jones. Find out here “how blogging was born.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’ve been laid off after 20 years in journalism. I’m free of readers’ phone calls, whiny reporters, thankless bosses. It’s all very relaxing. I will miss the fast pace and my coworkers, but over the last few years (with the push for web stories) I’ve realized there is more negatives to the career than there were positives, for me at least. Free at last.”

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  • Carrie Dann has joined CongressDaily as a reporter. She was previously an embed journalist for NBC/National Journal and worked in the NBC Political Unit.

  • The Examiner announced that Timothy P. Carney has joined the staff on a full-time basis. Carney, who has been writing an op-ed column since 2006, will also write a lobbying column and continue to write his weekly op-ed.

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  • The Deal reports, “Michael Schroeder has an unusual take on the newspaper business. He wants in and he’s willing to pay for it.”

  • The Washington Post reports, “A $250 million loan that the New York Times took last week trained a fresh spotlight on the woes in newspaperland. The devastation to the industry is apparent in the steep declines in market capitalization of major newspaper publishers in the past year. Worst hit was E.W. Scripps, operator of community newspapers and TV stations, which lost 98 percent of its value.”

  • reports, “Beginning in February the News & Record, and all Landmark Publishing newspapers, will require all full-time and part-time employees with benefits to be scheduled for five (5) unpaid days off during the year.”

  • Politico’s Playbook reports, “EXCLUSIVE: Progressives will delight when they get to the italic note at the end of Bill Kristol’s column in The Times today say, ‘This is William Kristol’s last column.” His one-year contract was up. Sources tell Playbook that he’s now beginning a monthly column in THE WASHINGTON POST.”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Hiatt on Kristol: ‘very smart, plugged-in guy'”

  • Media Matter’s reports, “The NYT’s failed Bill Krisol experiment”

  • The Daily Beast reports, “The Sacking of Bill Kristol”

  • E&P reports, “Kristol Bawl: An ‘Appreciation’ As Column Ends at ‘NYT”

  • The New Yorker looks at “After Kristol”

  • Washington City Paper points us to “The Worst Post Story Of The Weekend”

  • Huffington Post reports, “Bill Kristol’s New York Times Column Ends”

  • Regarding The Washington Times, a reader tells us, “Jan. 20 front page is shown in opener of’s new video previewed on CNN today. Only newspaper shown.”

  • CJR reports, “The national-security press dug up the dirt, but Congress wilted”

  • Beck Week Ever asks and answers, “What’s the Worst Possible Caption A Newspaper Could Use When Talking About the 45-Year-Old Mayor of Portland Sleeping with an 18-Year-Old Boy?”

  • Buzz Machine reports, “Nicolas Sarkozy has given France’s newspapers a €600million subsidy over three years”

  • Politico’s Ben Smith has “A nomination for the Times”

  • The Washington City Paper asks, “Style’s ‘Appreciations’: A Dead Beat?”

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  • A release announced, “NBC News’ Matt Lauer will sit down with President Barack Obama for a live interview during NBC’s Super Bowl Pre-Game. The interview will be the President’s first television interview from the White House since his inauguration. The live interview will air Sunday, February 1 during NBC’s Super Bowl Pre-Game. More of the interview will air Monday, February 2 on NBC News’ ‘Today.'”

  • A release announced, “ABC News announced today that it will be releasing a commemorative three-hour DVD, ‘A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama’ on March 3, 2009. The ABC News production will be the first commercially available DVD of the Inauguration and will be offered for preorder at the ABC News Store and”

  • NewsBusters reports, “CNN’s Howard Kurtz Renames MSNBC ‘The Obama Network'”

  • Zero Percent Idle presents, “Six essential non-journalism bloggers for your feed reader”

  • B&C reports, “Q&A: David Gregory’s Sunday Grill”

  • Mickey Kaus reports, “Quincy Jones campaigns for Minister of Culture by hitting on Soledad O’Brien on national television”

  • TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer reports, “MSNBC Graphics Get New Look”

  • Washington Post reports, “Camaraderie Remains the Key to Top-Rated ‘Today’ Show’s Morning Glory”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports, “Which Network Is Holding On To Viewers, Post-Inauguration?”

  • Sunday on State of the Union with John King, musical artist debuted a new video titled “New Day.” “The video, which is exclusive to CNN, is based on his first-hand experience at the inauguration and is a mix of video footage that and his crew shot over a period of three days. They began shooting at the Lincoln Memorial concert on Sunday through Tuesday night with Larry King in the DC bureau. The video is set to an instrumental version of’s ‘America’s Song,’ which he wrote for the inauguration.”

  • New York Times Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, writes, “Last April, The Times published an investigation of a Pentagon public relations program intended to win favorable coverage of the Bush administration’s war on terror through retired officers working as military analysts on television. The report, ‘Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand,’ revealed a program that gave the analysts talking points and unusual access to top officials — contacts, the article said, that some of the officers hoped would benefit military contractors with whom they had ties.”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens looks at “New Looks for CNN and Headline News”

  • Washington Post reports, “Citing Economy, WJLA Fires 26 Staffers”

  • WebNewser’s Chris Ariens asks, “Is Greta Van Susteren Defending MSNBC?”

  • The New York Times reports, “New on the Networks: Safe Formulas From the Past”

  • Washington Post reports, “Senate Nears Deal To Delay Digital TV”

  • Washington Whispers reports, “NBC’s David Gregory’s Presidential Impersonations Don’t Extend to Obama”

  • TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports, “New Names for Cable Shows”

  • Luke Russert, Youth Correspondent for NBC News, will be moderating “The State of the Youth Vote: Engagement Beyond the Election” tonight, Tuesday, January 27, from 6pm-8pm at the Jack Morton Auditorium at The George Washington University. For more info, click here.

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  • A release announced, “DCist is pleased to announce the third annual DCist Exposed photography show running February 20 to March 7, 2009. DCist is partnering with the Gallery at Flashpoint to exhibit nearly 50 amateur and professional photographers chosen from more than 300 entrants who submitted their work through DCist engages and promotes emerging local photographers through the daily use of images selected from the popular reader-generated DCist Flickr photo pool to enhance stories covering local news, arts and entertainment, politics, food and sports.”

  • The New York Times reports, “‘Obama Girl’ Team Retools for Tech Satire”

  • MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman writes, “Sharon Waxman launches news site for Hollywood”

  • The American News Project has made its SS feed is now compatible with Feedburner. Check out the feed here.

  • TVWeek reports, “Bloggers Find Space at NBC”

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Google ready to pursue its agenda in Washington”

  • The New York Times reports, “Media companies are rushing to repackage their videos for the Internet, and some say they can hardly keep up with advertiser demand for more.”

  • Charles Sennott answers, “Hey, How’d You Go From Foreign Correspondent To Starting An International News Site?”

  • Check out the latest Hitwise News and Media Category Weekly Report.

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  • New York Magazine reports, “Ben Affleck, like most Hollywood stars, thinks that magazine covers really matter. Last week, he was criticizing the TARP bill to a reporter for Politico and said that ‘Newsweek, I feel like, is basically culpable for the first [$350 billion],’ referring to the weekly’s ‘King Henry’ cover about Henry Paulson, which he called a ‘hagiography’ as well as ‘presumptuous.'”

  • MediaWeek has “A Talk With Ann Moore”

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  • FamousDC reports, “JoMa = Next David Gregory”

  • James Rainey writes, “Inauguration extravaganza sees journalists caught up in the moment”

  • Deloitte Issues 2009 Media Predictions

  • Cox reports, “The ‘stakeout’ is a staple of White House coverage. Traditionally, folks who meet with the president – and want to talk to the press about it — head to the stakeout position just outside the West Wing. Here’s a look at what a stakeout looks like from the participants’ point of view. Today’s involved appearances by GOP and Democratic leaders after they met with President Barack Obama.”

  • DCist reports, “GW Student Journalist Found Dead in Dorm Room”

  • The New Yorker reports, “Cable news captures the noise of the nation at Obama’s Inauguration”

  • reports, “Fading Love Affair: How the Media Will Maul Obama”

  • Washington Monthly tells us, “How Marjorie Williams rendered
    the lives of Washington’s powerful.”

  • The New York Times reports, “An estimated 1.8 million people watched the inauguration of Barack Obama in person, the most for any inauguration. At least that is what the mayor of Washington said; the Park Service, no longer in the head-counting business, won’t contest that number.”

  • A release announced, “After years of service to the nation, several top Bush Administration figures will move from the White House to the lectern. Press Secretary Dana Perino, White House Counsel Ed Gillespie, and Education Secretary Margaret Spellings have all joined Leading Authorities (LAI) as exclusive speakers. After a momentous presidency, Perino, Gillespie, and Spellings will all bring firsthand experience, in-depth policy knowledge, and their own unique perspectives on the current state of America and the world. They will focus on the current political climate of change and transition and lend their expert analysis of the latest policies that will affect American business and the American public.”

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  • The German Embassy is looking for a Media Analyst.

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