Morning Media Menu With ABC’s Chris Cuomo

mornmm.gifToday on the Menu, having just returned from the tallest building in Dubai as part of ABC’s “Big” week, Chris Cuomo joins us to chat large.

cuomo2_3-11-3.gifCuomo is a recent convert to Twitter (and we mean recent! He just joined last Friday) but is already quite excited and a bit wide-eyed (in the best way) about its potential “it’s a tremendous resource for feedback, and intelligent discussion…I’ve been really blown away by that.” (We should set Cuomo up with Rome Hartman, maybe!)

“I think you, at your own peril, ignore the latest iterations of media, opines Cuomo, who says that he’s interested in using Twitter to find out what was not said in his ABC stories. Perhaps a Twitter-themed Cuomo Web cast? Sounds entirely possible. Also, what’s up with @alroker1? You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.