Morning Media Menu: ABC’s Terry McCarthy Discusses Coverage in Iraq

The Morning Media Menu was joined by ABC News foreign correspondent Terry McCarthy today, who is reporting this week for the week-long series, “Iraq: Where Things Stand.”

From TVNewser: And as McCarthy told us, according to the recent poll conducted by ABC, major positive changes are occurring in the country. “We are now able to do our jobs properly in Iraq, which we haven’t really been able to do for the last several years,” he said.

McCarthy talked about how the coverage has changed from when the news coming out of Iraq went from bad to good. “I think the media rebelled against that and were perhaps overly critical of anything that the administration was saying,” he says of the beginning of the coverage of the war. “That really changed when General Petraeus came in in 2007. He sort of turned the whole thing around. He was a lot more straightforward with the press, and I think the media responded to that.”

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