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Quotes of the Day

Oh no she didn’t.

“I just wrote a Scandal scene that actually made me blush while writing it. Did not know that was possible.” — Shanda Rhimes, creator of ABC’s provocative Washington-oriented drama “Scandal.” As of late, viewers have been treated to strange shower scenes between the President and first lady — one goes well, one doesn’t. There was also a passionate scene that upset some female fans when the President grabbed Olivia Pope and gained entrance through, ahem, a back door.

NBC’s Chuck Todd gains popularity in Israel

“Ha, @chucktodd made a Passover joke. Netanyahu responds with a pork joke. It’s like the Borscht Belt over here. #ObamainIsrael.” — Avi Mayer, Israel resident.

Journo gets emotional

“I just have so many feelings right now. #TheLastFiveYears” — BuzzFeed‘s Chris Geidner. The Last Five Years is actually a Broadway show, not specifically the last several years of Geidner’s life, although we’re sure he’s emotion-filled about those too.

Supreme Baier Vomit

PinkieKue writes, “Starting to wish Bret Baier came on at 7PM east coast, I always miss it..darn work #foxnews.” FNC’s Bret Baier retweeted and replied (complete with emoticon), “That’s what DVR is for ;-)”

Loesch isn’t buying Sanford’s rehabilitated image

“Who’s to say Sanford wouldn’t get distracted again, disappear to pursue another ‘trail?’ Cannot get over this comeback’ ridiculousness.” — Conservative radio host Dana Loesch.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 7:10 a.m.


Advice for CNN’s Jeff Zucker and a peculiar cyst afflicts blogger…Oprah on CNN? “Gah, Zucker should just give Oprah a show.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

Texting woes

“I am just going to start saying ducking. #surrendertothetextcorrector.” — Jonathan Prince, former employ in Obama and Clinton White Houses.

Blogger notices cyst on hand

“I have this ugly cyst looking thing on my wrist. Any health experts know what it might be? Please don’t say carpel tunnel.” — Kara Manos, PoliticsofPretty beauty blogger. Any other journos out there notice anything like this? We’d like to know about it. In the Internet age, incidents like these are bound to occur. Write us at or take advantage of our ANONYMOUS TIPS box.