Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

TV reporter gets lost

“Driving yourself to live shot. Getting lost trying to find live shot. Finding live shot 1 minute before air. Priceless.” — ABC7’s Jummy Olabanji in an early morning tweet.

Yuck! Dental Hygienist Speaks Out

“I’ve seen a lot. Once, I flossed a pubic hair out of a guy’s mouth. Oh god, yes, I’m sure it was a pubic hair. I almost said something, but I decided it’d be better if I didn’t.” — the best/worst line of the BuzzFeed story with the headline, “D.C. Dental Hygienist: Senators And Supreme Court Justices Need The Most Gum Work.” Read the story here.

Quote taken out of context

“*sexual” —  Politico‘s Dylan Byers.

Matt Taibbi gonzo? Editor thinks not.

“For shame: Clarence Page describes Matt Taibbi as “gonzo author.” HST rolling in grave – w/fresh drink & loaded gun.” — RCP Executive Editor Tom Bevan on Rolling Stone‘s Taibbi being praised by Chicago Tribune‘s Page.

Writer knocks press knocking press

“Odd: this political press coverage doesn’t offer the possibility that political press coverage tends to be horrendous. Former White House speechwriter and The Atlantic writer Jon Lovett on Politico‘s story by Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush on President Obama and Mitt Romney‘s mutual disdain for the news media. Lovett charged, “Come on, @GlennThrush. Going on Fallon and the View might not be necessary if most political news coverage wasn’t so profoundly useless.”

Journo pulls all-nighter

“Nap Time have to pull an all nighter on book edits. I am so NOT feeling this author thing 2nd go round. Growllllsssssss!” — NBC theGrio’s Sophia Nelson.