Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Abby Cornish has vegan shoes.” — CNN’s Soledad O’Brien regarding the actress, not NPR’s Audie Cornish as we originally thought due to a lack of caffeine.

Whoa! What?

“Chicks with big tits always seem to say the right things.” — Undisclosed D.C. publicist. (Of course we’re going to go ahead and assume the person was hacked. We haven’t heard back.)

Journo Hate Mail

The Hater: “@kirstenpowers10 you dumbass political whore please explain to the rest of us how Paul Ryan ran up this national debt?”

FNC Contributor Kirsten Powers: “Really?”

HotAir’s Mary Katharine Ham: “It’s always nice when they say ‘please, whore.’ Blech.”

Martosko, Markosko, Marsoko?

“Hey, at least Dave Weigel spelled my name right. Oh, wait …” — The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko on Slate‘s Dave Weigel’s screwy spelling of his surname this week in a story. He wrote: “Markosko” (We’re sure it wasn’t personal. He got it right in the first reference. As of this moment, the spelling of Martosko’s last name is still “Markosko.”)

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 9:32 a.m.

Speaking of which….today Mike Allen makes fun of WaPo: “WASHPOST ON IT! Front page TODAY (also leads homepage, in case ya missed everyone else’s stories the past couple days)” You can read the rest of today’s edition here.

The Media Critic

“Shorter National Journal now: how may we troll you today?” — Media Matters research fellow Oliver Willis. Three minutes later: “We need a good distracting celebrity scandal. What’s Lohan or Spears up to?”

Technological difficulties

“(sniff, sniff) microsoft email not working for some reason … this is a crippling setback, and I’m not sure how to act – champagne, anyone?” — Bill Starks, News Assignment Manager, WUSA-TV9.