Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Rachel-Rachel: “Rachel Maddow was a guest on Rachel Maddow tonight. Err, I mean Rachel Maddow was a guest on Up with Chris Hayes tonight. Errr, wait, it’s Wednesday. Chris Hayes was a guest on Maddow tonight. I think I got it right?” — caption from a D.C. journo who prefers to remain anonymous.

Modern Journalism: Ask now, worry about editing later

“Regardless of the rightness (or wrongness — is that a word?) of the
Obama decision, what is [sic] amounts to politically is a pressing down of
the gas pedal in this ongoing game of political chicken.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza in a Wednesday story on “Fast and Furious.” A reader wonders on the writer’s question to himself, “Aren’t you supposed to find that out before you publish?”

A big Happy Birthday shout-out to Politico‘s Mike Allen, the man who owns birthdays in Washington.

GBTV’s S.E. Cupp on her frightful plane ride from Vegas to NYC: Cupp called the plane a “vomitorium.” Read and watch here.


Ezzy opines on Obama gaffe: No more news conferences!

“What Obama no doubt learned from his ‘gaffe’ news conference is that he shouldn’t do many news conferences. The downside risk of a poorly phrased, extemporaneous comment vastly outweighs the likelihood that whatever serious message he seeks to convey will make it through the media’s filter. What Romney learned from Obama’s news conference is that, if he’s lucky enough to become president, he shouldn’t do many news conferences, either.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein for Bloomberg View regarding the President’s “private sector is fine” gaffe. Read full story here.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Hey Betsy: How do you know so much about Michelle’s page???
YOU ARE BUSTED BITCH!!!” — AnonymASS. (Memo to ASS: I know as much as you do about The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields’ Wikipedia page, but any moron can look at the IP address and realize at least what part of town the changes are coming from. You can be that moron!) The tipster was in a tizzy about this story from yesterday.

How to handle rudeness on Twitter

“When someone w/ few followers is rude to you on #twitter U should post at least five successive replies explaining how cool you are. #protip” — Newsweek‘s Eli Lake.

Self-appointed media critic

“I’m looking forward to ‘The Newsroom’ joining Tom Friedman in ranks of things that everyone mocks relentlessly” — Wonkette and Salon‘s Jim Newell.

Necessary Tweet of the Day: Is Gene Weingarten now a food critic?

“Just had cold bing cherry soup topped with whipped goat-milk cream and duck shavings, at Pound in Cap. Hill. Beyond great.” — WaPo‘s Pulitzer Prize winning Gene Weingarten, who apparently thinks he’s Tom Seitsema this week. We’re sure you’ll get back to your newfound workouts at the gym soon.

But Gene’s not alone…Washington City Paper star photog Darrow Montgomery had this to say about a meal yesterday: “Brown ‘n Serve sausage smells like the ganja while browning.”

ICYMI: Vagina Journalism

“For TV, let’s all agree to stick with ‘vagina.’ That is, unless everyone can rally behind ‘pikachu’ or ‘tamagotchi.’” — TV industry insider from this story.