More WPCF Notes…

Additional coverage from WaPo, Washington Examiner, Washingtonian, Wonkette and (come on, Mason: Stop being such a slacker and post already!)

Also, some of the details:

Dinner menu:

    A salad of micro greens and field greens. Caesar Parmesan Crisp. Shaved beets. Grana Parmesan Emulsion. A seasonal bisque shot (or as one not so bright lobbyist said: “I thought that was the dressing!”).

    Assorted rolls with sweet creamery butter

    Vidalia onion-crusted filet mignon. Forest mushroom risotto cake. Asparagus ragout. Roasted tomato provencal. Pinot Noir Jus.

    Artisan cheeses. Dried fruits, figs and nuts. Fresh raspberries.

The program:

    Introduction: Jesse Holland, WPCF president

    Winner of 2007 David Lynch Regional Reporting Award For Excellent in Congressional Reporting: Lisa Mascaro, Las Vegas Sun.

    Winner of 2007 Washington Press Club Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award: Tad Bartimus (who fondly recalled the days when Helen Thomas put doggie bags in her purse to help Bartimus survive on $70/day).

New scholarships: One in honor of Fran Lewine and another in honor of Mary Lou Bailey.


    “The older I get, the smarter David Broder sounds.” –Chris Matthews.

    “At some point, everyone in this room will become a bureau chief.” CNN DC Bureau Chief David Bohrman.

    And, of course: “If you want to talk, go outside and smoke a cigar. If you want to stay in here, then be respectful.” Then later: “Please, please, please!” – Chris Matthews