More Trouble At Condé: September Ad Pages Drop

We just can’t escape the Condé Nast news today. The New York Observer is reporting that the Si Newhouse-run magazine publishing house saw September ad pages decline by 37 percent company-wide, a drop of 1,680 pages. This is depressing news because September is typically the month to top all other months in terms of ad page numbers, particularly in the fashion magazine segment where designers display the latest trends for fall.

But Condé’s fashion bible Vogue suffered mightily for September, losing 427 pages, down 36 percent from last year. W is down 53 percent, Allure and Gourmet are each down 51 percent and Self‘s ad pages declined 50 percent, according to the Observer. Keep in mind, these numbers do not factor in the loss of the Fashion Rocks supplement that the company abandoned after last year. (Here’s a table of the comparable ad pages without Fashion Rocks factored in.)

Either way you slice it: ouch.

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