More Salahis on “Today”

More from Matt Lauer’s exclusive interview with Tareq and Michaele Salahi on “Today” this morning…

Michaele spoke, also insisting that they were not party crashers. “There isn’t anyone who would have the audacity or the poor behavior to do that… No one would do that and certainly not us,” she said.

Tareq said the couple’s been “mischaracterized” by the media. Michaele added that their “lives have been destroyed” and that everything they’ve worked for has been “destroyed,” calling the situation “unbearable” to go through.

The Salahis promised documentation proving they were invited to the State Dinner and said they were working on the Secret Service’s timeline to present that documentation. Eluding to a second interview on the “Today Show,” Tareq said they’re looking forward to coming to NY.

For now, the couple’s certain they’ll be “completely exonerated” in the next several days.

As for whether any money was exchanged for the interview, Michaele and Tareq say “absolutely not.” Michaele added, “at no time have we ever even talked about doing that with anyone.”