More Proof Congress Knows Its Image Problem: Fire Staffers; Hire Flacks

congress toilet

Election after election, we see the same thing: People hate Congress. People protest the system. People complain about the election. And then they do one of two things: 1.) Don’t vote or 2.) Vote for the same fools who are already there.

Why? There is no other explanation — voters are stupid. However, it seems that Congress may be getting smarter than the oafs who put them there. Based on a report from D.C. blog, InTheCapital, we learn that Capitol Hill has “cut down on staffers but increased their PR firms.”

Think they’re onto something? You know? Like, finally?

ICYMI: Americans hate Congress more than ever. I mean, ever!

7 percent

SEVEN! Only 7% of Americans in this country have confidence in what Congress is doing — a new historic low. As for the actual seven percent who answered positively? They’re voting for their kids who actually have jobs at Capitol Hill, so they’re biased.

Congress SucksBeginning in 2011, the number of staff employed in Congressional committees have been reduced by 20 percent.

In that same time, the amount of flacks on each committee have risen almost as much. Regardless the party, they all do it. Regardless the affiliation, they all need it.

According to Speaker Boehner’s office, this is to be expected, as technology has made 24-hour communication easier and frankly, expected by the American people. To a number of Democrats however, interviewed by USA Today, this is the perfect example of the Republicans choosing to focus on the spin over substance.

“Our committee — and all committees — should use taxpayer dollars to help better the everyday lives of our constituents, not inflate their press operations to basically run political campaigns out of government buildings,” said Representative Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland who sits on the Oversight Committee.

Both of you: Shut up! You and your cronies are why America can’t have nice things. Both parties need image management. Both sides of the aisle require triage. And neither are going to know what to do with it. Just like it seems Americans don’t know what to do with you.

Guess we’re even.