More: Politico Hires Foreign Policy Mag’s Rozen

We told you earlier today that Politico would be beefing up its foreign policy coverage with the hire of Laura Rozen, and shared with you a memo from Politico‘s Bill Nichols, John Harris and Jim VandeHei.

Now, a note from Foreign Policy‘s Susan Glasser:

Dear everyone – Just a quick follow-up to wish Laura all the best and to note that The Cable is and will continue to be a huge part of what we’re doing on Our readers have spoken, and there’s a clear demand for the kind of original reporting and behind the scenes understanding of the making of foreign policy in the Obama era that we’ve brought to them since January. Foreign Policy continues to grow by leaps and bounds on the web – we’ve just come off our most successful month yet, with some 5 million pageviews, an extraordinary growth in such a short period of time and one that’s a tribute to all of your excellence and hard work. So let us know if you have thoughts and ideas for the next incarnation of The Cable. And thanks!

And after the jump, a note from Rozen to colleagues…

Friends, colleagues,

Had hoped to send this out earlier but unfortunately got delayed. I have decided to take a job covering foreign policy at Politico.

I have loved being at Foreign Policy and have been proud and thrilled to be part of its incredible success. In just eight months, it’s really become the talk of the town and the foreign policy community. I have worked with the smartest, most sympatico, and decent people I have ever had the privilege to work with – executive editor Susan Glasser has been a visionary leader, brilliant editor, and a true friend and mentor, realizing and The Cable with spit, brains, charm, humor and an unfailing news instinct for what readers need and want, opening her networks and Rolodex, and unleashing the energy to help make FP and The Cable such a success. My 24/7 collaborator managing editor Blake Hounshell has become like part of my own brain, so closely have we worked, and we’ve been totally in synch covering this beat and have had a lot of fun. I genuinely hope to work with both of them again. Editor in chief Moises Naim has been a mensch, gracious and generous, and sets the wonderful tone for the whole place with his warmth, intelligence, true international outlook, and utter lack of pretension.

I have been lucky to work as well with such a classy team of professional foreign policy writers, editors and policy hands among Foreign Policy’s team of daily contributors: veteran reporter Tom Ricks, NSC expert David Rothkopf, Middle East expert Marc Lynch, political scientists Dan Drezner and Steve Walt, my former professor Philip Zelikow, new colleague Christian Brose, our energetic public affairs promoter Dianna Pierce, publisher Amer Yaqub, tech guru Tom Stec, Rebecca Frankel, Beth Dickinson, Joshua Keating, Lara Ballou, Madame Secretary’s Preeti Aroon, and the rest of the top drawer Foreign Policy team have become a virtual and real community of expertise, collegiality, encouragement, and friendship.

I am going to continue to champion the incredible success of Foreign Policy and Foreign from my new perch, first and foremost as one of its most avid many times a day reader/consumers, as it remains a top discussion and news generators in policy and journalistic circles. It’s indisputable from many, many interactions with diplomats, government officials and the foreign policy think tank community over the past few weeks and months that the whole site has genuinely become the daily, go-to site for the Washington foreign policy community and well beyond, far beyond the dreams of what we all envisaged when the team came together just a few months ago. And I thank you all for the chance to be part of it and for your kindness, friendship and encouragement. I’ll still be filing for Foreign Policy up to Labor Day…

Best and with gratitude,