More People Get New Facebook Messages

Facebook's new messaging platform went out to more users today, around 12:45 pm Pacific Standard Time, although the social network won't release any official numbers on how many people got the upgrade.

Facebook’s new messaging platform went out to more users today, and I’m pleased to be one of them. Spokespeople for the social network won’t disclose official numbers on exactly how many people or which markets have received the update at this time.

Around 12:45 pm Pacific Standard Time, the Facebook home page included a window asking me whether I wanted to upgrade to the new messages. This appeared in the upper left quadrant of the screen, and pointed to the messages icon.

Clicking on the blue button labeled “See What’s New” eventually resulted in a new window in the same spot informing me of my new email address, which conveniently remixes the URL on my profile.

After I clicked “Activate Email,” the next screen I saw was the new layout for Messages. What a simple upgrade process that was. Do you have Facebook’s new Messages available on your account yet, and if so, what do you think of the application so far? Are you or any of your friends opting not to upgrade, and if so why not?