More On This Week’s BusinessWeek Layoffs

businessweek cover new.jpgTo say it’s been a rough week for BusinessWeek would be an understatement. Yesterday, the axe fell hard, and new parent Bloomberg LP has cut around 130 people for the business mag’s staff — including 60 to 70 from the edit side.

Among those getting pink slips were big names like media columnist Jon Fine, community manager Shirley Brady and tech writers Steve Wildstrom and Stephen Baker.

Business journalism blog Talking Biz News has kept a running tally of outgoing BusinessWeekers since yesterday, and today has an updated list. Blogger Chris Roush says senior writer Pete Engardio, Atlanta bureau chief Dean Foust, Philadelphia bureau chief Amy Barrett, management department editor Jena McGregor, associate editor Hardy Green, senior editor James Cooper, senior photo editor Kathy Moore and Prudence Crowther, head of the copy desk, will not be making the transition to Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek.

Some have opined that Bloomberg’s cuts are targeting big name columnists as the magazines heads toward a more singular voice like The Economist. As one anonymous BusinessWeek employee told The New York Times yesterday:

“If you think about voice, they seem to be getting rid of it. Every indication we have from Bloomberg people is their model is The Economist, which has a singular voice, not multiple voices.”

Obviously Bloomberg would like the new BusinessWeek to be as financially successful as The Economist, but is copying its voice and style the way to get there? Guess we’re about to find out.

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